Only reply to the SMS of the vaccination against covid-19 if the source number is 2424. Watch out for scams | Coronavirus

It is necessary to clearly explain to people what to do when they receive a text message calling for vaccination against Covid-19, defends the President of the National Association of Family Health Units, Diogo Urjais, who underlines this automatic planning process through This Route creates some confusion.

Vaccination of the elderly aged 80 and over and those with higher risk conditions related to Covid-19 started with few doses two weeks ago, but several issues were identified and resolved, the nurse notes.

The preferred form of calling is by SMS, although contact can be made by phone or mail. The SMS will be sent from the original number “2424” to the mobile phone registered in the system, with the name of the person, the date and the location of the vaccination schedule, and you will be asked to answer yes or no.

The problems arise because the number of users has to be entered in the answer, explains Diogo Urjais. “The message is complex and if the person reacts poorly, the response will not be sent. You should make a video that explains this process in a simple way, ”he defends.

The president of the association also says that there are people who receive fraudulent SMS. “People should only reply if the SMS number is 2424,” he says. There are also users who receive calls from people suggesting they go home for vaccination. “Wait for the health center to call you,” he advised in a warning about possible scams.

Regarding the simulator, which was placed on the covid-19 portal so that people aged 50 and over can understand whether or not they are listed on the vaccination lists in the first phase, the nurse notes that several errors have already been identified Who Have Contributed There is “some noise” being made in health units as users call or send emails to understand why they are not on the lists.

The simulator allows the contacts to be updated, as in many cases the mobile phone, telephone or address numbers are out of date. The Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SPMS) also informed PUBLIC that this portal has been used by more than 350,000 people since last Sunday and that “the contacts have been updated more than 45,000 times”.