CDS urges the government to abandon the student citizenship lawsuit in Parliament

The CDS-PP would like the Ministry of Education to abandon the process under the leadership of two students from Famalicão who are determined not to have taken courses on citizenship and development at the decision of their parents. With this in mind, the parliamentary bank will present a draft resolution recommending the state’s withdrawal.

In a statement, the CDS chairman said he was “amazed” at the news that the Ministry of Education had appealed the precautionary ruling by the Braga Administrative and Finance Court (TAFB) suspending the order to keep it up of the two students was set. the brothers are after they have not attended classes in this discipline.

The TAFB decision follows a precautionary measure by parents who claimed to reject the content of the discipline for inclusion of modules such as “Education for Gender Equality” and “Education for Health and Sexuality”.

The Ministry of Education’s intention to insist on this process led the party led by Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos to call for the “immediate withdrawal of this unqualified resource, the vote of which demands all political forces for freedom”. The CDS also calls for “immediate intervention” by the Prime Minister in an immediate resolution of this unnecessary stalemate.

In the statement, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos refers to “the persecutory and relentless stance of the Ministry of Education, which has persistently insisted on forcing these students to withdraw immediately after three school years rather than waiting for the final court decision.”

Noting that the ministry “is out of touch with its priorities,” the CDS chairman said it is “unacceptable that public resources are being wasted in the service of a radical and ideological agenda that affects the two students and their families instrumentalized “. “The Ministry of Education again shows that it does not understand, that it cannot get its way, as if families, their freedom and their power to raise their children do not exist,” he added, recalling that the CDS already has one Law had put forward a proposal to make the subject of citizenship optional.

Students between the ages of 12 and 14 attend grades 7 and 9. The TAFB did not confirm the parents ‘claim to recognize their children’ s provisional right not to attend this discipline or, alternatively, not to mark unjustified absences.

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