5G: The main auction started 27 days ago and offers a total of 231.5 million telecommunications bids

The value of the operators’ proposals in the 5G auction reached 231.5 million euros this Friday 271 days after the start of the main bid in a total of “six rounds”, said the regulatory authority Anacom.

According to Lusa’s information from the data available, today’s proposals corresponded to around 800,000 euros compared to 230.7 million euros the previous day.

The main offer includes the operators Altice Portugal (Meo), Nos, Vodafone Portugal and also Dense Air and aims to obtain the rights to use frequencies in the bands 700 MHz, 900 MHz, 2.1 GHz, 2.6 GHz and 3.6 GHz to be allocated phase exclusively for newcomers.

Since the fourth bidding day, only one lot of the approved DTT band (700 MHz) – which contains six lots – has not been offered.

The bid price in the 700 MHz band thus remains at 19.2 million euros. The offer offers a total of 96 million euros.

Even in the 900 MHz band, the four available lots still show no change in the minimum price, with the operators’ offer remaining at 24 million euros.

In the 2.1 GHz band, which was of great interest until January 18 with an offer of 10.405 million euros (base price two million euros), it rose to 10.616 million euros on the seventh day, a value that continues to this day .

In the 2.6 GHz band, the three lots remain at 23.7 million euros, the same value as since February 16.

The 3.6 GHz band with 40 lots amounted to 77.1 million euros compared to 76.3 million euros on Thursday.

At this frequency, two lots have maintained the reserve price since the main auction started 27 days ago.

In an earlier phase, the tendering process for newcomers took place for eight days, which led to an inflow of funds of 84 million euros on the last day (January 11).

The final amount that will be allocated to the auction will depend on the lots that are allocated during the process and whether they are purchased at the reserve price. Anacom points to a turnover of around 237.9 million euros.

There is no official information about who has bid, nor a date for the end of the auction.

Newcomers can benefit from national roaming to access the networks of the operators already installed, regardless of the quality of the spectrum they have acquired according to the terms of the auction.

The process has been largely contested by historic operators and has included legal proceedings, precautionary measures and complaints to Brussels as the regulation contains “illegal” and “discriminatory” measures that encourage the sale.

5G licenses will be awarded in the first quarter of this year.