Former Sintra hospital for sale for 5 million euros | patrimony

During the week when the Mayor of Sintra, Basílio Horta, assumed that the construction of the new hospital will not become a reality in 2021, advertisements were published with the building of the old Sintra hospital, which is for sale for 5 million euros stands.

The building is in the heart of the village, very close to the palace. It has a long history and is closely linked to the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Sintra establishment.

The building dates back to 1545 when the Confraria da Misericórdia was built on this site. Later that year, the hospital and Sintra hospital were attached to the newly constructed building.

The hospital operated on the site for centuries, and more recently, in 1970, the building was renovated and the health unit’s medical specialties expanded. Four years later, in 1974, the hospital was nationalized.

The hospital remained open until the 1990s, but closed due to a lack of operating conditions, which caused outrage in the community at the time.

In 2008 the real estate assets of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Sintra, including the old hospital, were used to repay bank debts. An internal document of the facility indicated that between 2002 and 2007 around 8.6 million euros were spent on restoring the health unit, which did not bring a profitable return for the facility. In order to improve financial profitability and reduce debt, the property was assigned to Efisa Bank.

In 2016, the six-story property with a chapel was handed over to a group of companies to build a hotel. At that time the city councils suggested that the municipality should exercise the subscription right of 1.2 million euros.

This did not happen, but neither did the construction of the hotel. Five years later the building is being sold for 5 million euros.

According to the official website of Councilor Marco Almeida, the mayor was again asked to participate in the purchase process and “evaluate the use of expropriation to ensure a heritage of cultural and historical interest”.

At a time when much is said about the need to build the Proximidade de Sintra Hospital to deal with the difficulties of the Amadora Sintra Hospital, which was built for a population of 300,000 users and currently serves around 600,000 people who The future of the old hospital is still unknown.

According to the website where the property is for sale, the future of the building may include converting the space into multi-purpose use in relation to trade, services or exhibitions.

Text edited by Ana Fernandes