Covid19. Public Ministry is investigating 33 cases of inappropriate vaccination coronavirus

The public ministry has already launched 33 investigations into irregularities in vaccination against Covid-19, including the IPSS of Castelo Branco, Farminhão, Resende and Trancoso, and the municipal authorities of Lisbon, Portimão and Reguengos de Monsaraz.

Of the 33 investigations, seven concerned the area of ​​the Lisbon Regional Prosecutor, eight the Porto area, ten the Coimbra area and eight the area of ​​the Évora Regional Prosecutor, the public ministry said in a reply to the Lusa agency.

“Taking into account some specific questions raised by the press, it is made clear that, in addition to previously confirmed situations, investigations have been initiated, in particular into facts reported through certain social solidarity institutions in Castelo Branco, Farminhão, Resende and Trancoso or in related countries were vaccinated by local authorities in Lisbon, Portimão and Reguengos de Monsaraz, ”he lists.

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