Covid-19: Teachers Can Force Students To Turn On A Camera During Class Education

Teachers may require students to keep their cameras on during class. This improves the quality of teaching and the relationship between students and teachers. “According to the resolution of the Council of Ministers and with opinions of the National Data Protection Commission, teachers can request that the cameras be switched on because they are in the classroom context and no images are disclosed,” he said Ministry of Education after Lusa.

Teaching on a black screen without being able to see the class was one of the major challenges teachers faced in March when students were first forced to take distance learning. “Failure to see students, fail to understand whether they are motivated or not, if they follow what we are saying makes the teacher’s job very difficult,” said the president of the National Association of Directors of Groups and Public Schools (ANDAEP )).), Filinto Lima.

Last school year, many teachers complained that students shouldn’t turn on the cameras. Teachers knew that without eye contact, it was even more difficult to keep the class interested. Teachers can now ask more of their students.

According to Filinto Lima, the situation in this new phase of distance learning is “no longer so problematic”. “There was an awareness among the school leaders among the students and parents so that the students kept the cameras connected and now this is a rather remaining problem,” emphasized the director of the school group, Dr. Costa Gomes in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Since the beginning of last week, more than a million primary and secondary school students have taken distance learning as the pandemic situation in Portugal has worsened. There is currently no return to class schedule.