CDS fears an attempt to condition the constitutional court CDS-PP

The CDS chairman welcomed the submission of the decree decriminalizing euthanasia to the Constitutional Court (TC) and waited “calmly” for the decision, but assumed that “an attempt has been made to condition the judges of the Ratton Palace or intimidate.

In a statement released this Thursday evening, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos estimates that the judges of the TC “will know how to decide on compliance with the values ​​of the Constitution, and not through comments in public or in conditioned or under Pressure to be set. ” the media”.

Without referring to the controversy with the President of the TC, João Caupers, for written texts before his current functions in court, the Chairman of the CDS believes that “an attempt can be made to condition or intimidate the Constitutional Court, namely through messages and comments on the individual positions of its members, expressed at other times and in other places. “It’s about articles that the current President of TC wrote a few years ago in an online publication of the Law Faculty of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. One of them, which was recovered by Diário de Notícias, is about the “gay lobby”, in which it rejects the “promotion” of “homosexual ideas”. “As a member of the heterosexual majority who respects homosexuals, I am neither willing nor available to be tolerated by them,” said the text published 11 years ago. In an interview with Expresso, João Caupers explained that the texts were an “educational tool” to “provoke” students with an “almost caricature language” and that they did not “necessarily” reflect their ideas.

Following the decision of the President of the Republic to send the diploma to the TC this afternoon, CDS Speaker Telmo Correia felt that Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was “good” by choosing to open the gradual inspection of the apply for diploma.

In the CDS presidency communication, Rodrigues dos Santos believes that “in addition to the fundamental, technical and legal objections”, “it is immoral for this law to have been passed in the current pandemic context if the state has not guaranteed everyone access Health, still protected the elderly who live in houses ”.