A NASA robot lands on Mars, and mountains glow on Earth as a tribute to astronomy

After covering the peaks of the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps with flags from various countries (including Portugal), Gerry Hofstetter lit mountains again – this time with a homage to Mars 2020 – Perseverance, NASA’s exploration mission on Mars. The light artist designed the Ingenuity helicopter on the Tschuggen Mountain, also in Switzerland, Mars on the Jungfrau Mountain, but did not forget the NASA logo or the astronauts that make so many missions possible. The projections took place on February 15 and were carried out from the ground and from a helicopter eight kilometers away and 2.2 meters high.

The Perseverance robotic vehicle is set to land on Mars in Jezero Crater on Thursday, February 18, where a lake and delta may have existed. The robot will collect soil and rock samples that will be sent to Earth in 2031. This is the first mission dedicated to astrobiology. NASA will look for (chemical) signs of microbial life on Mars, characterizing the planet’s climate and geology. And finally, you send astronauts to its surface.

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