We, the government and how much the state insurance costs opinion

As much as we try to be educational about the measures that need to be taken to stop the (virus) commonly referred to as covid, many ignore the latter.

I went to Jardim do Campo Grande in front of the house where I live last Saturday and Sunday (the hygiene walk, so to speak).

Many strollers did not wear masks, let alone social distancing, in an attitude of arrogance, challenge and impunity. The same happened in the river basins and in other public gardens.

Even if it attracted attention while walking out of civic duty, the minimum response was indifference, selfishness, and finally the maximum: insult. As for the insult, readers can imagine. In addition, answers like “I am free”; “It has nothing to do with it”; “Are you a cop?”

Because exactly in Jardim do Campo Grande, where many Lisbon residents gather, children and many elderly people count, the police were not seen.

Where is the state inspection, the municipal inspection? Today they have powers and sanctions that they have not used to support them in the face of violating detention rules.

I consider myself an agent / police of citizenship in the face of abuses that endanger the health of everyone and society itself and the economy.

For those who fail, the logic of “I am free” prevails.

But to be free from what? A highly contagious disease that can lead to death, to be able to pass on to the other? For example, in the US, deaths from Covid-19 in 2020 were virtually the same as deaths from oncological diseases. Around the world, the spread of the disease has disrupted economic activity, sending tens or hundreds of millions of people into poverty.

Free to ignore the other? Free from committing crimes that can be fatal with impunity?

Such an attitude is not an attitude of freedom, but at least one of irresponsibility and selfishness, because today nobody ignores the consequences of the violations described.

Freedom demands responsibility, that other side that so many “ignore” as “ignore” that there are no non-binding rights or that they simply do not accept them.

Freedoms and rights are acquisitions without which there can be no democracy; Do not destroy, ignore, or ignore the fact that responsibilities and obligations are the support for it.

The moment we live in is particularly fragile: under the guise of the pandemic, we see inappropriate behavior that is not politically punished and that in supposedly normal times would never be accepted as a good dose of nepotism, lack of ethics and appropriation of the state apparatus . And it must not be forgotten that in the midst of it all, the pandemic also brings with it aspects few speak of, such as the silent choice of those who will survive and die in the face of pressures on health system performance and remember the inexpressible Times. Or the lack of truth in public accounts, etc.

Oppositions are also guilty of inaction for blocking the political situation that fuels populism and extremism. So many and immensely irresponsible without sanction?

But with a prime minister now more demanding on the pandemic and rising in the polls, he focused on saving an almost invisible Portuguese presidency of the Council of the European Union and politically (with restraint) dealing with the crisis situation.

Since there is no opposition – the president of the largest opposition party is the prime minister’s biggest life insurance policy and the worst part is that he does not even notice it – the lack of a project for the country, the lack of planning even in what regarding the pandemic, the lack of conditions for everyone to have access to education, the growing hunger and the situations in which this indispensable foundation of democracy, which is equal opportunities, is confronted, remain intact.

Oppositions are also guilty of inaction for blocking the political situation that fuels populism and extremism.

So many and immensely irresponsible without sanction?

What about us, the sovereign people?

The author writes under the new spelling agreement

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