The persistent social genocide opinion

The emotional erosion is growing rapidly and the suspended life is an amalgamation of fear and frustration. The elderly are victims of abandonment and the youngest are confused about the future. The neighbor, who changed his walk to shake my hand and say good morning, changed paths in the garden yesterday that I crossed alone without a mask. Civic engagement is encouraged. The restriction is no longer physical. It’s mental. It no longer just separates one from the other. It begins to separate many of them, mentally ill. Few scream. But, alienated from fear, many cry out within. Social genocide is under way.

The very serious public health problem we face, particularly the death toll, could and should have been addressed through organized prevention rather than centralized, obsessive and extremist prohibitions. The majority of the population is prevented from working and preventing society from functioning and living because it has not been and has been unable to track those who have made contact with the infected in time to prevent the spread to prevent the disease. It is not necessary to be a virologist or an epidemiologist to realize that this procedure would be much more effective and less socially harmful than cruel interference for the majority of the population.

Predictions that we hear, without sufficient evidence of the causal link between the downstream effects and the upstream phenomena, make me think that it has become difficult to distinguish mathematical astrology. And so, many radical decisions are made based on what we strictly ignore, with reasonable disdain for what we already know. Because it is always the same “scientists” who intervene publicly, and because everyone who dares to raise serious and constructive contradictions has a firm place in the index of negationists, the political consensus between the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister, Experts in transformation, hypotheses in law have been mistaken for scientific consensus.

Conflicting rules and news terror abound, and strategic planning and useful and accurate information are lacking. Given that more than 800,000 unemployed and a fifth of the population are at risk of poverty, 1 million and 200,000 consultations and 125,000 operations have been canceled, it is outrageous to hear that the Prime Minister guarantees that there will be no budget savings in 2020 if the Numbers believe this to be a bang (€ 7 billion remained to be executed, of which € 1,500 million could be invested in the NHS and € 1,250 million could be used for more social support)

The only difficult answer is that we can remove them from the social blackness in which we are immersed. In any political mirror, António Costa can only be ashamed of himself without prejudice when he looks back

Data released by INE shows about eight thousand more deaths compared to the average for previous years. Of this number, deaths officially attributed to Covid-19 do not reach 30%. It would be good if the Minister of Health or António Costa said they attribute the remaining 5,600 more deaths. You will certainly refer to chronic patients (diabetic, cancer, heart, among others) who are no longer treated by the negligent treatment of the health of the Portuguese.

Those responsible say that the vaccination protects against death from infection with SARS-CoV-2. Of the nearly 65,000 infected over 80, nearly 10,000 died. No cohort, age or occupation, comes anywhere near these tragic results. Why weren’t people over 80 the first priority getting the vaccine? What more important mathematical model justified the failure to do what should have been done? The only difficult answer is that we can remove them from the social blackness in which we are immersed. In any political mirror, António Costa can only be ashamed of himself without prejudice when he looks back.

If we continue like this, we will be like the birds that are caged and believe that flying is a disease. And we will briefly accept that the art of governing is the art of bowing to statistics on death and servitude, on which the police will be more effective than politics as the Constitution has become a doormat. What does it matter if two mayors turn Portugal into a huge boarding school if 70% of the survivors are vaccinated by summer?