The civil defense of Lisbon has been an unmanaged Lisbon City Council since November

The Lisbon Municipal Civil Protection Service (SMPC) has been without official leadership since November. With the former director’s departure, the now former Civil Protection Council came to elect a new inmate for the position, but was never officially appointed and left the service two weeks ago.

During those three and a half months, the SMPC was under the direct responsibility of Carlos Castro, the city council, who resigned from office on Tuesday.

At the end of October, when the term of office of Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Morgado, who returned to GNR, ended, the election of the chamber to head the service fell to Alexandre Penha, a member of the fire brigade regiment who has worked for the National Emergency and Disaster Protection Agency since 2007 ( ANEPC). The chosen one showed up for work, but his official appointment never appeared in the municipal bulletin.

According to an official source in the community, Penha did not meet all of the mandatory requirements to become a department head. The subject has been discussed in the HR department for some time, which will have dragged on the situation.

Alexandre Penha, who was contacted by the PUBLIC, declined to comment.

According to the PUBLIC, the firefighter was at the SMPC between the beginning of November and the end of January when he left on his own initiative and returned to ANEPC. This period corresponded to the most acute phase of the pandemic in the city, and the lack of clear guidance has caused some restrictions on the conduct of civil protection at certain times. It was the elements of this service that, in the first phase of the pandemic, coordinated the evacuation of the Aykibom hostel, where more than a hundred asylum seekers were infected with Covid-19, and the test campaign for all hostels in the hostel. City.

Carlos Castro, who was responsible not only for the civil protection portfolio but also for the areas of urban hygiene and sports, resigned this Tuesday after the Saturday magazine reported that he had a vaccine against the remaining 19 Covid-19 vaccinations of households receive .

The ex-city council was vaccinated in his office on January 18, the first day of vaccine distribution in private households, along with the heads of the fire brigade regiment, city police and the city’s urban sanitation directorate. The episode caused great discomfort in the services.

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