Government movements to support the family fail, says PCP | Covid-19

The PCP defended this Wednesday that the changes in government family support will not materialize and criticized the restrictions imposed in the executive’s proposal, such as the fact that access to 100% salary is from the nine-year-old age of children and the obligation of parents is dependent on alternately providing help for their children. Communists are against restrictive criteria for access to assistance as this ultimately calls into question the effectiveness of the measure for health purposes.

Speaking at a press conference at the Assembly of the Republic, Communist Speaker of Parliament João Oliveira said that the changes proposed by the executive “translate a perspective that the government has already put forward in relation to considering, in particular, the extension of the family allowance 100% and support money the opportunity to switch from teleworking to the family support system in certain situations. “

Although João Oliveira showed himself to the changes in the executive branch, he defended that these were not enough to solve the family’s problems. “We believe this is still not in line with the difficulties identified,” he said.

The Communist Party leader argued that “naturally the needs of support for the family go beyond the children of nine years”. The proposal that the government has on the table provides for the possibility of access to family support with a payment of 100% salary for workers with the possibility of teleworking, but only for children up to the first cycle, with children attending school , the 5th year will be left out.

“On the other hand, [há] the question of whether families can share the support of their children between father and mother. It’s not always a question of family choice. It also has to do with the specific circumstances under which each family can organize, depending on the professional activity of each individual. “The regime under development by the government states that access to these more favorable conditions must be between father and mother at the same time. “We do not believe that this should be an element that requires the possibility of 100% family support,” said João Oliveira.

The PCP put forward a number of proposals in the context of Covid-19 and defended that the measures planned in the state budget for 2021 will be “implemented”. The PCP defends: that family benefits should be paid at 100% instead of the current 66%; that the age of the children will be extended to 16 years from the current 12 years; This can be applied to self-employed and teleworkers. In addition, father and mother access should not be a limiting criterion for access to support while schools are closed under the general restriction proposed in the state of emergency.

Communists fear that supporting the family with restrictions could reduce the effectiveness of the health-related measure. The most current information available to the party is that if 208,000 people supported the family last year, there would be 68,000 now.

The party has also warned about the problem of essential workers where the spouse teleworks. In this situation, children do not have access to the host school because one of the parents is teleworking, but neither do they have access to family support under the regime that is still in force. “We propose that workers in essential services can have access to host schools regardless of whether or not they have a spouse who teleworks,” the party defends. The party presented a package of social support changes and measures, ranging from family support to health to research fellows.