Social security is expected to pay pandemic support to green revenue and managers on Thursday

Social Security expects to pay the support for the independent workers and managers of the micro and small businesses that were suspended in January due to the new restrictions on Thursday, February 18. This confirmed the PUBLIC’s office of Minister of Labor. Ana Mendes Godinho.

The benefit in question – the extraordinary support for the reduction of economic activity of workers (AERAET) – applies this time only to workers with green earnings, sole proprietorships, managers of micro and small businesses and members of statutory foundation bodies. Associations or cooperatives that have ceased activities or closed facilities since January 15.

For workers who have not been forced to cease their work or to close their operations, there is an additional benefit, the Extraordinary Employee Income Support (AERT), which can be claimed until Friday, February 19. Regarding the latter, the Department of Labor has not indicated when Social Security plans to make payments.

For workers who are obliged to cease or suspend their activities, the government has decided to reclaim the support in force in 2020 (an amount equal to the average contributory pay, with an upper limit of 438.81 euros if this compensation is less than 658.22 euros or a support that corresponds to two thirds of the average remuneration, with an upper limit of 665 euros, if this remuneration is 658.22 euros or more.

Since the condition of entry is complete cessation of activity, Social Security states on their website that one of the requirements would be to indicate on the form that there was a 100% decrease (although the total decrease may have occurred in January was lower since the obligation to close or suspend the activity only existed for half a month).

One of two supports

When it was not yet known that Social Security would pay AERAET for the entire month of January, the Precariousness Association received doubts from workers who did not know whether the initial support was proportional to the number of days the activity was suspended , would be paid in January or whether it would be paid for the whole month – a relevant question for a person to know whether to apply for AERAET only or both of the benefits.

The Office of the Minister of Labor later clarified that contrary to the understanding of Social Security when it processed the first values ​​of the support last year, the original support has the entire month of January as a reference.

Support for January 2021 was requested by 132,300 citizens (approximately 104,000 self-employed and 28,300 members of legal bodies, including managers). The AERT was requested by 40.7 thousand citizens by last Friday.

If an employee who applied for the initial assistance receives the Social Security response on Thursday and finds that the application has been rejected, they can still apply for AERT as the application deadline is Friday.

Nothing prevents you from doing this beforehand, as the Department of Labor has already stated that workers can claim both benefits for the same month of loss of income, even if the two benefits are not cumulative. What happens is that when social security is faced with two requirements, it evaluates which is “most beneficial to the worker and deferring the highest,” the office of Ana Mendes Godinho clarified.

AERAET and AERT have different access conditions and calculation rules. In most situations, the new social benefit is only granted if the employee’s household income per adult does not exceed a certain amount, in this case the poverty line (501.16 euros per month). As with other social benefits, social security checks whether the person meets the so-called “resource condition” (income and wealth level), taking into account the value of the bank account, that is, the value that the employee or a couple has. Deposits may dictate that an employee be excluded is.

In the original support (AERAET) the law does not provide for the fulfillment of the resource status.