Conceição praises Ronaldo, “the best in the world” but believes Juventus will have trouble playing football

Sérgio Conceição, FC Porto coach, pointed out that Cristiano Ronaldo is “the best player in the world”, but that the Portuguese team will be able to explore the facets of FC Porto-Juventus on Wednesday (8pm, TVI) at FC Porto-Juventus Portuguese are not that strong.

“Cristiano can decide the game at any time. That’s why he’s the best in the world. We have to be solid and coherent, like we did in the Champions League. He’s a player who shoots like no other and in the last.” Third, it’s fabulous, “he said in the Champions League Round of 16 preview, adding that the player” isn’t that important in other areas of the field. “” We’ve been working on it, it’s part of our analysis into one Team at a very high level, ”concluded Ronaldo.

Looking at the game, which is a game with history, Conceição said Juventus “will have difficulty” beating the Portuguese side. “They are a strong team, but they will struggle against a FC Porto with a winning mentality, with the ability to understand what to do to look for the positive result that is the win,” said the coach of the ” Kite “.

The coach valued the comments on a possible moment for Juventus less positively and recalled that he is “one of the teams with more presence in the final stages of the Champions League”. “They’ve only conceded two goals in the last eight games. It’s a stable and solid team with players who know each other well and have their own mentality within the team and the club. Recently they “only” won 3-0 against Barcelona, ​​”he warned.

Regarding the stance his team will take on this challenge, the “Dragon” coach pointed out that “in the face of a strong and highly skilled team, it will sometimes be necessary to defend in a lower block,” however did admit Despite less positive results in national competitions, the team is “emotionally stable”.

“We are fully focused on this game. We have analyzed the mistakes and know where we need to improve. These round of 16 are of the highest level and the smallest detail can be lost. It is important that the concentration of competition is maximal, ”he emphasized.

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