Caupers warned when he went to the TC that he had written some “light and stupid” texts on the Constitutional Court

When he was selected by city councils to serve as the Constitutional Court (TC) judge in February 2014, University Professor João Pedro Caupers warned of the four-year opinions he wrote for online publication at Universidade Nova Law School: some of them were very out of date, motivated by current issues, and I wouldn’t have written them the same way later. “Serious and bitter texts, some light and silly, others,” he says. “I have written what I have written and I take the inherent responsibility. But in most cases I would write back what I wrote. ”

In one of these texts, originally written 11 years ago and restored this Tuesday by the Diário de Notícias, the newly appointed President of the TC protests against the “gay lobby”, presents himself as part of the “heterosexual majority” and rejects “The Promotion” of “homosexual ideas”. “As a member of the heterosexual majority who respects homosexuals, I am neither willing nor available to be tolerated by them,” he said.

The publication dates back to May 17, 2010, the day an amendment to the Civil Code was passed that legalized same-sex marriage. Caupers also said he was disgusted by the posters the Câmara de Lisboa had spread across the city, “on the pretext of combating discrimination and promoting homosexuality,” in reference to a campaign by the Ilga-Portugal Association that showed a photo of a woman and a child and the question, “If your mother were a lesbian, would anything change?”

The President of the TC, who was contacted by the PUBLIC this Tuesday, decided not to make any statements on the matter. Expresso stated, however, that these and other texts are “an educational tool” to “provoke” students in an “almost caricatural language that uses and abuses more or less absurd comparisons” and not “necessarily” to reflect their ideas.

The exposure of these writings, which she regarded as offensive and discriminatory, prompted deputy blocker Sandra Cunha to ask João Caupers to publicly withdraw. “It is not worthy of those whose job it is to ensure compliance with the constitution of the republic and the principle of equality. A clear public withdrawal is expected, ”wrote the MP on Twitter. Socialist MP Isabel Moreira, who was contacted by the PUBLIC, referred to the silence that she is supposed to break later.

Days before he called some of his texts “fools”, the academic and former director of the law faculty of Universidade Nova had defended on the same platform the inclusion of the so-called right to be forgotten in the constitution – “the right not to go beyond what is tolerable with the little ones.” To be confronted with the vicissitudes of a past that should be nothing more than that: the past – and forgotten ”.

Four years after joining the TC, João Pedro Caupers was asked, along with the other city councils, to give their opinion on the first version of the “rental bellies” law. He agreed with most of his colleagues and failed to get his diploma.

“I consider the pregnancy of substitution itself as a concept and as a technique of medically assisted reproduction to be a violation of the dignity of the human person – in addition to its dangerousness from the point of view of human reproduction,” he said in his explanation of the vote. “I don’t doubt that it is legitimate to think differently. I do not even question the intentions of those I consider generous. However, I believe that human reproduction is too serious to be dependent on technological manipulation with unpredictable consequences. Finally he added, “Whatever the law says, the idea of ​​a child without a father is as absurd as that of a child without a mother.”