A Taiwanese Story Review

The streaming platforms fill the pantry and there are things that get lost in the middle there. One of the international sensations of last year has been available on Netflix for almost a year (The Sun, by Chung Mong-Hong, Director of Taiwan), a work that is now attracting even more attention because it is on the best Oscar list -Finalists was included in international film. So discreet that almost nobody noticed – as several articles in the American trade press that have appeared in the past few weeks show, between the “Mea Culpa” (but it is difficult to navigate through the overcrowded pantry of streaming) and the updates from The way the platforms advertise your offering (or not, in this case) draws attention to the unique case of A Sun, which Netflix quickly bought, cataloged, and promptly added to the public after successful runs of North American festivals left. Abandonment.