PS from Santa Maria da Feira elects Márcio Correia as candidate | Local authorities

The political committee of the PS of Santa Maria da Feira elected the lawyer and ex-council member Márcio Correia as chairman of the chamber of the chamber in the local elections this year and announced the candidates of the Aveiro district this Monday.

At the age of 42, Márcio Correia has roots in the Parish of Pigeiros and is the current President of the Socialist Council, a position he held after exercising the functions of elected PS in the Feira Parish Assembly, deputy of the same party in the parish Assembly and also from the “pink” city councilor in the city council management – already led by the PSD with an absolute majority.

“Accepting the PS’s candidacy for the Câmara da Feira is a challenge of great responsibility. I will work with the greatest commitment and with real political commitment. It is a candidacy for all those who want a community with a better quality of life and are able to treat citizens, parishes, business people, traders, institutions, associations and civic movements in an impartial and fair way, ”explained.

The head of the PS list for this parish in Aveiro district, who was interviewed by Lusa about the campaign and election schedule, has no objection to the dates given by the National Electoral Commission for these procedures.

“Postpone elections [previstas para Setembro ou Outubro] it will not be necessary because the pandemic situation will be controlled from June, ”he explained.

Márcio Correia argues: “If the presidential election has not been postponed at one of the high points of the pandemic, then it is the one who wants to postpone the local elections because they are preparing too late.”

The socialist says the changes imposed by the pandemic to the vote-collecting mechanism need to be changed to ensure “confidence” in the whole process.

“I am against putting the ballot box in places where people live at home, in prophylactic isolation or in risk groups. In the communities there is no assurance that this vote will be conducted in complete freedom, ”he said.

The local PS Commission defends that Márcio Correia is “the right person to unite and conquer the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira” because, in addition to his political experience, he has “participated in society in a civic, active and interventional way “. .

The Socialist Council gives examples: “He is president of the League of Friends of Terras Santa Maria – United for Health. He took on various positions in institutions, as President of the Orfeão da Feira Cultural and Recreation Center and as a member of the board of the League dos Friends of the São Sebastião Hospital and the Santa Maria da Feira Collective, among other associative positions ”.

According to PS Feira, Márcio Correia “has also participated in several fundraising campaigns for the Portuguese League Against Cancer and has supported other social causes”.