Household communication on the finance portal can be used until the 19th | IRS

Taxpayers who have failed to submit a notification to the budget this Monday the 15th can do so until the 19th, an official source from the Lusa Treasury Department told Lusa.

The extension of this period to the end of the week comes after reviewing some restrictions on access to the finance portal this Monday, caused by the high number of taxpayers who have tried to register.

“Given the significant number of hits on the finance portal today (around a million authentications), there have been some restrictions on the household’s access to communication,” the same official source told Lusa, adding that the Tax and Customs Authority (AT ) “will continue to accept the budget communication until next February 19th”.

As a rule, the budget must be communicated by February 15, with reference to its position and composition on December 31 of the previous year. This is a relevant step in determining the tax status of taxpayers for the purposes of the IRS or IMI for example.

The household is also relevant for receiving social support and determining the status of loved ones in joint custody or in another residence.

In response to Lusa, the same official source said that given the restrictions identified this Monday, “an intervention has been carried out at the level of the infrastructure of the financial portal to stabilize operations.”

Communicating the budget is one of the first steps in preparing the filing of the IRS annual return after the deadline for registering or approving invoices issued in 2020, as well as resolving outstanding issues (what happens when an institution has more than one activity record ( CAE).

The calendar associated with the IRS campaign also allows taxpayers to view deductible expenses between March 16 and March 31 and file claims if they have omissions or inaccuracies in the expenses or in their calculation relating to general family expenses and expenses with the right to determine the deduction of VAT for the invoice obligation specified by AT.

For education or health expenses, housing or housing, taxpayers can correct the amounts calculated by the AT when filing the IRS annual return, indicating the values ​​they deem correct in accordance with Appendix H.

This possibility for the taxpayer to refuse the amounts calculated by the AT if they do not match the invoices in his possession implies that they will be kept for at least four years.

By March 31, you can also specify who you would like to send 0.5% of the IRS paid and / or the 15% VAT amount for expenses with restaurants, accommodations, hairdressers, workshops, or veterinarians. This option can also be chosen when filing the IRS statement.

The IRS return filing is April 1st through June 30th and the tax refund or payment is due by August 31st.

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