The English variant can be up to 70% more deadly to coronavirus

A study published by the UK government shows that the new variant of the new coronavirus currently spreading across the country can be up to 70% more deadly than previous ones. The new report, based on the analysis of about a dozen studies, shows that the so-called Kent variant, the name of the county in which it was originally identified, is likely 30% to 70% more lethal than other variants.

These studies compared hospitalizations and death rates in people infected with the new variant and in others.

“The results of the analysis are worrying,” said Dr. David Strain, professor in the University of Exeter Medical School and clinical assistant at covid-19 at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital. “Higher portability means that people who previously had a low risk of developing Covid-19 [particularmente as mulheres mais jovens e em boa forma física] You pick it up now and land in the hospital, ”said Strain.

According to the expert, “this is underscored by the recent number of hospital patients who are now showing a nearly 50:50 ratio between men and women, compared to the fact that it is prevalent in men in the first wave”.

The results of the study by the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threat Advisory Group (NERVTAG) published on the UK government’s official website on Friday are based on a preliminary investigation published January 21. The study group is made up of experts from universities and government agencies across the UK.

The UK government’s scientific advisors are also concerned about how the mutations can alter the characteristics of the disease.

The British variant has a prevalence of 43% in the number of newly registered cases of Covid-19 in Portugal, Prime Minister António Costa announced on Thursday.