Letters to the director’s opinion

Vaccination and tradition

1º – The European vaccination plan got off to a great start. However, if people over the age of 18 have not taken at least one dose of an approved vaccine by June 30, 2021, the successful presentation of the vaccination program will fall apart. Ursula von der Leyen and António Costa form a pair of fiascos.

2 – The Portuguese plan for public and private investment of € 50.8 billion from the EU will start in the worst possible way. Every fifth euro goes to SMEs. It turns out that SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) make up 80% of the Portuguese fabric and will earn only 20% of that amount. In Portuguese history it is already a tradition to always do exactly the opposite so that we never leave the train of the tail of development.

Angélica de Carvalho, Chaves

Historical precision

The historical narrative offers space for subjective interpretations. Where is the limit? In the article by the historian M. Fátima Bonifácio “Portugal will save itself if Europe saves itself”, the epigraphic title by Eduardo Lourenço alludes to the 19th century and refers to the famous “generation of the 70”, which for the author “It raises doubts about the viability of Portugal”. In this sequence he comes to the conclusion that “Antero, from whom the motherland suffered unbearably, committed suicide”. Where is the austerity lacking in this suicide picture? Antero’s suicide was caused by his depressive illness in a period of cyclical exacerbation. In the extensive correspondence with Oliveira Martins, a friend and confidante who helps him psychologically, Antero describes with great accuracy the description of his illness and the suffering and despair it causes. Sousa Martins did his pathography posthumously in In Memoria. Antero, he was conquered by illness, not disillusionment in his country.

José Manuel Jara, Lisbon

The rescue of Portugal

For many years I have been defending a thesis that I have never revealed and that I read in Maria de Fátima Bonifácio’s text entitled “Portugal is saved when Europe is saved (Eduardo Lourenço)”, but which haunts me when I do What happened in the early years of April 25th: that Cunhal didn’t take over our land because he wasn’t interested; He saw a poor country without raw materials, backwards and without a future. As a fierce advocate of communist ideas in Russia, where he was received as a prince, a country to which he had dedicated his entire life, he had another grander idea: to offer Russia the former Portuguese colonies with a kiss, for Rosa Coutinho (Angola) and other such. And that’s what happened, as we all know.

Artur Gonçalves, Sintra

We don’t have books, but there are a lot of needles

The article in PÚBLICO on Thursday by Nuno Pacheco reflects exactly what has not crossed my mind since reading and hearing the ban on the sale of books (new, understand). In the current pandemic context, this is absolutely ridiculous when you consider that then many other objects should also be placed on the same level. And to say that books are not an essential good goes beyond the absurd.

The world began to turn around …

Horacio Cavaleiro, California

Far left and far right and the state of emergency

I have nothing to do with the PS or any member of the government, I am just a citizen restricted and confused by the possible reaction of the parties in the Assembly of the Republic to the pandemic. That is exactly what I would like to make clear – maybe your journalistic work can help me. From the extreme left to the extreme right (PC, BE, Chega and IL) vote against the state of emergency from the start, reject the restriction. The weapon we’ve seen is the safest to control new infections, and all countries have adopted it at some point. Is it possible that each of these parties (aside from the political harassment they are devoted to and general statements about more support for the NHS) say specifically, point by point, what they would do if they were in power? I remember everyone watching what the experts say and suggest. And they are clear about the limitation and calling of the President of the Republic. Is it possible to get this clarification from the named parties?

Heitor Ribeiro, Queluz de Baixo