Independents can still rule Catalonia alone in Catalonia

The RTVE poll gives the Left Republic of Catalonia (ERC) the victory with 36 to 38 MPs, followed by the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC) with 34 to 36 MPs in the elections in Catalonia this Sunday. Thirdly, the Juntos pela Catalunya (JxC) opinion poll has 30 to 33 MPs. If this result were confirmed, it could give the independence parties enough absolute majority to return to forming a government, even though the ERC is now at the helm, not the JxC.

In the RTVE figures, the socialists even come first in percentage terms, but with fewer MPs. For the candidacy of the former Minister of Health, who left the government of Madrid to top the list in these regional elections, the poll shows 34 to 36 MPs.

Another important result of the ballot box is the confirmation of the citizens’ debacle. The party, now led by InĂ©s Arrimadas, which originated in Catalonia and has always had its main base of support there, falls from 36 MPs with whom it won the 2017 elections to 6 to 7 MPs in those elections, prompting analysts to do so to predict the end of the center right party.

Another surprise on the right, if the RTVE data is confirmed, will be the People’s Party, which will have to be defeated by the far-right Vox, which would get its first MPs in the Catalan regional parliament. The poll gives 6 to 7 MPs to Vox and 4 to 5 MPs to PP.

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