FC Porto saves one point in the “derby” | Game Chronicle

FC Porto added their third straight draw in the league and extended the cycle of four games without a win against Boavista (2-2) – after slipping into the championship and the Portuguese Cup – and placed themselves in an increasingly weakened position fight for the title.

Boavista reached the break to win 2-0, but the “Dragons” lifted the handicap after missing a penalty (the second) and scoring a goal that the video referee set in the last minute of regular time canceled. Now the still national champions are at risk of losing the lead and Benfica and Sp. Braga getting closer to second place.

The night could not have started better for the “chess players”, who were surprised by the ingenuity of the proposed game idea and made the moment at FC Porto even more exciting.

With no Mbemba among the options, Sérgio Conceição Diogo had Leite as the most vulnerable connection, without the indispensable distinction to read Elis’ moves, sufficiently destabilized with five units in a scheme that put the chips in the defensive line, and asked the Honduran a sabotage mission. Elis did it perfectly after putting Marchesín on the line after two minutes. The Argentine goalkeeper avoided the first but was not prepared for the brilliant start of the Ecuadorian Porozo to evade Diogo Leite’s mark in the first corner of Boavista (8 ‘) and score an impeccable header.

This was a major setback for FC Porto, despite the fact that the team tried to regain composure and control. But without Luis Díaz and Uribe and with João Mário leaning to the left, not even Corona’s return seemed able to raise the bar for a group that was too predictable, uninspired and unable to unite comfortable boavista in defense tasks and with the ability to displace pressure rhythms, where “dragons” had difficulty keeping up with transitions.

The exceptions were an opportunity in Marega’s head and a “treacherous” shot by Sérgio Oliveira, which Léo Jardim responded instinctively after a defender was distracted.

To make matters worse, after Elis repeated the acrobatic gesture and signed Marchesín to defend the appeal, and when the game was on break, the Honduran created another shockwave and scored the second “checkered” goal in period compensation. Boavista achieved remarkable efficiency, scoring two goals in four shots with the Porto goal, forcing Sérgio Conceição to resort to Otávio, who started with Grujic in the second half.

The changes, with Zaidu taking over the corridor and Sarr taking Diogo Leite’s position on the axis, brought a momentum that provided a regenerating goal for the Blues and Whites (again from Taremi) and Boavista in for the first time one position brought undoubtedly increased by the injury of the central rami, which produced instability in the axis, delivered to three very young centers.

FC Porto escalated the harassment, forcing Boavista to practically abandon the attack initiatives and already leveling the field with Evanilson and Francisco Conceição following a Devenish penalty against the Brazilian striker.

The “Dragons” had another penalty four minutes after the 1990s when they lost to Francisco Conceição, but Sérgio Oliveira, who failed in the first game, hit the post and kept the result a tie.

In the last minute, after Francisco Conceição’s new move, Evanilson still scored the goal that would bring victory, but the referee canceled (after the intervention of VAR) by the Brazilian’s hand after a rebound in the opposing defense.