More than 1,000 ACT Covid-19 new inspection of teleworking and wearing of masks violations

Between January 19 and February 5, the Working Conditions Authority (ACT) inspected 1,388 employers with a total of 60.4 thousand workers and found 1,084 violations of mandatory teleworking and the use of masks in the workplace, two measures aimed at to stop the spread of Covid-19 disease. The inspections carried out at national level corrected 75% of these irregularities.

In early January, ACT published the results of a similar action that involved 1,050 and ended 738 irregular situations.

According to information released on Saturday, February 13th, the action included “266 inspectors from across the country and involved employers based on indicators of risk of non-compliance, including requests for inspection intervention by unions and workers”.

“Among the 1084 violations found, the most common violations relate to employers’ health and safety obligations, exposure to biological agents, and organization of working hours and compliance with compulsory teleworking,” he adds in ACT an opinion.

According to the same source, “a total of 1933 inspection procedures were passed, including 79 administrative offenses with a maximum sanction limit of 5.2 million euros”.

The majority of the companies covered by the inspection were micro-companies (32.4%), followed by large companies (24.9%), medium-sized companies (22.6%) and small companies (20.1%).

Most of the companies visited (24.1% of the total) were in the Lisbon district, followed by the Porto (13.6%), Braga (13.1%), Setúbal (8.9%) and Coimbra (6, 7%).

It is recalled that non-compliance with compulsory teleworking since January with a minimum fine of 2040 euros is considered a very serious infringement.