Letters to the director’s opinion

Open bookstores

The book is a fundamental tool of culture. No computer can replace it, for only the book gives time for the absorption of knowledge and for those who read it to reflect, underlines pages or paragraphs, for those who read it to reflect on what they are for most important or most interesting.

This becomes even more relevant in times of crampedness, when students are cut off from teachers and people in general have no access to libraries. Selling books in shopping centers or so-called open spaces and not in independent bookstores can even lead to discrimination. It is therefore imperative that bookstores open.

Jorge Miranda, constitutionalist

There are bookstores to sell books

I cannot understand why a supermarket, hypermarket or the like can sell books and bookstores whose only reason for existence and purpose is not to sell books. The only source of income for bookstores is selling books while the other stores sell many things. I’m not a bookseller, but if I were I would feel very marginalized. The reason for the existence of bookstores is the sale of books, while the reason for the existence of the other mentioned areas is not and therefore I do not understand why Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa opened the exception of selling books to different surfaces, except amazingly if, for bookstores.

Manuel Morato Gomes, Senhora da Hora

Fátima Bonifácio

If I believed in the beliefs of M. Fátima Bonifácio, which fortunately do not happen to me, I would consider Chega as the party that “paves the way for a classical, democratic and, above all, liberal path” correctly “. She believes that really?

The historian used the trick of “dragging” Eduardo Lourenço for the title and, in all the game she produced in PUBLIC on February 11th, blamed the left for all the evils that she believed led to the decline of Portugal and Europe . It remained only to say that even the pandemic is the work and the grace of the same left that should face “a barrier from top to bottom” with the country.

José A. Rodrigues, Vila Nova de Gaia

Nurses and staff

For several reasons not unfamiliar with the passage of time and the process of aging, my need for medical care, including hospitalization, has increased in recent years. During these periods of time, being fully dedicated and dependent on health professionals 24 hours a day, for several days, I had the opportunity to realize the absolutely vital and vital role that nurses play in providing health care.

Perhaps because the number of contacts with nurses is greater during the day, starting before the day is born to collect blood for analysis, and only ends late at night when the last medications are administered, our focus is on Attentions to our attention more about their behavior and performance.

And, in addition to being technical, which I cannot judge, a fundamental aspect characterizes the vast majority of the nurses I have been able to meet. The more important, the greater the psychological fragility of the patient. I am referring to human treatment. To smile all the time, to be completely available to relieve pain and suffering, and even to have wisdom and intelligence to motivate us to endure and overcome them and, as happened to me recently, to be able to make decisions on the limit meet and save our lives.

And despite what I mentioned above, I still couldn’t understand how it is possible that this authentic “Legion of Guardian Angels” can be seen in the behavior of Ana Rita Cavaco, who she chose to lead her order . Her behavior as spoiled, irresponsible, naughty and stupid girl is so shameful and degrading … that she forced her predecessor Maria Augusta Sousa to apologize to the Portuguese because the “heiress” “insulted and slandered” her.

Nurses can’t help but defend the beautiful image they gain every day with their professionalism and dedication to someone who clearly doesn’t deserve them and is just a big casting mistake.

Impeachment proceedings are required!

Heroes Pancadas, Sobreda

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