At Skoda, Adriano Miranda finds family and world history in the 20th century | Automobiles

The picture is unusual: behind the low wall in the row of semi-detached houses, behind the glass doors there are cars. One aqua green, two reds. You are in the living room of Adriano Miranda’s house [fotojornalista do PÚBLICO] – he didn’t abdicate the room for the family, he built it, it was a different one. “I was thinking of selling the house,” he admits, “but an architect’s cousin solved my problem.” The ground floor of the house on the outskirts of Aveiro has been renovated to accommodate the big three. Let’s call it Skoda in the 1960s – the car brand in Adriano’s life. It’s not an exaggeration: at least one Skoda has accompanied him since he was born. It is one of the red, “red bullfighters” official names, Octavia Combi, “van” as it is referred to in the catalog of the time, “in Portuguese they have already been translated from Czechoslovakia”, which Adriano shows us. It was grandfather’s car, and a few days before his death he said, “The car is for the boy.” It’s a passion – and “it has sentimental and political roots”. “It mixes cars and families, education and 20th century history.”

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