Arteta and the threats to the family: “We are all exposed” | Soccer

If it were just him, Mikael Arteta would handle it well, and he should be more than used to his long football career, first as the creative midfielder of choice, then as the manager still taking his first steps. The Spanish Arsenal manager announced on Friday that he wasn’t the only target of offending news and death threats online. His family received it too and this is unacceptable for the Arsenal Spanish manager.

“I’m not the only one suffering from these things. If you win everything is fine and you are fantastic and you are the best coach, but if you lose it is just the opposite. It’s the reality. It’s not comfortable when these things are directed at me, but I can take it. When it comes to my family, the story is different, ”said the coach from London on Friday.

Regarding the threats he himself received, Arteta prefers not to talk about them. “I don’t want to do it, but I think we’re all exposed in this industry. So I would rather not read, because from the moment it affects my family, I would be personally much more affected. That has already happened, the club knew that and we tried to do something, ”said Arteta.