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More than half a hundred residents of Bairro Social da Pasteleira in Porto contested the renovation work planned for 20 blocks this Thursday and called for the review of the project that excludes block 16, which was “in danger” 10 years ago.

“People feel abandoned. It is not clear why block 16 was not included in this phase because it is in the worst condition, ”complained the CDU city councilor Ilda Figueiredo, who visited the neighborhood of Pasteleira Velha this Thursday at the request of the residents.

According to the residents, the 16-strong block has been “in danger” for more than ten years. On the site, the deterioration of the exterior walls can be seen outdoors, with missing facade pieces and the access stairs to the floors being reinforced with metal structures due to their insecurity.

“Block 16, in which more than 30 families live, is in poor condition. It is really scandalous: they fall stones, they are stairs in terrible conditions, with handrails [de segurança] When leaving, there are animals in the apartments, moisture, ”he stated.

Heard by the CDU, the residents also criticized the intention to convert the tents erected by the community 20 years ago into common corridors to create space, privacy and security for the residents.

Currently, the residents of the ground floor have independent entrances, with access to the house through an existing door in the respective tents.

There is a wall separating the houses and allowing some residents in declarations to Lusa to have “independent houses”.

After completion of the intervention in Block 1, Câmara do Porto will renovate blocks 2 to 9, 11, 13 and 15 as well as blocks 10, 12, 14 and 17 to 22 in this phase and make an investment of almost seven million euros.

According to the municipality, in January “the facades, exterior glazing, common staircases and roof are some of the improvements envisaged in this work to improve the Pasteleira residential complex”.

Maria Odete and João Correia, who have lived in the neighborhood for 50 years, say that they do not understand the goal of denying the residents of the ground floor exclusive access to the marquee and that they regret never having been heard.

The couple explained that most residents use the conservatory as extra space for machines or storage cabinets due to the limited space in the house. Others use this space as a shelter.

“In other parts of the city, like Carvalhido or Fonte da Moura, where they worked, they don’t remove the tents. Why are they retiring here? “Asked Adelaide Cardoso, who has lived in the neighborhood for 60 years.

Ilda Figueiredo regretted the deteriorating condition of the neighborhood and called on the local majority to carry out a budget review, including the work in block 16, “before a disaster occurs here” and to take into account the complaints of residents.

The councilor emphasized the great dissatisfaction she faced today during the visit and recalled that the community had a positive balance of 96 million euros, which should be used, for example, to solve such problems in social neighborhoods.

According to the councilor, who will raise the issue at the next meeting of the executive, there is already a petition with “hundreds of signatures” which is inconsistent with the rehabilitation project for the neighborhood proposed by the Porto Chamber.

Bairro da Pasteleira is located in the union of the parishes of Lordelo do Ouro and Massarelos and was built in 1960. It consists of 606 apartments, which are spread over 27 blocks and in which around 1,500 people live.

Lusa tried to get further clarification from the community, but so far without success.

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