Moreira does not exclude the possibility of forming a party for Porto from local elections

The Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, does not rule out the possibility of creating a political party to reapply for a third and final term in the Porto Chamber. This could be a way for the mayor to bypass the changes to local law approved by PS and PSD last summer, which include new rules for independent candidacies that call into question the constitutionality of the diploma.

In an interview with RTP2 this Wednesday, the Mayor of Porto criticized the changes to the municipal electoral law as they prevented him from running as an independent candidate for the Porto Chamber. In his opinion, the new rules make it “very difficult to get access to a chamber or a board”.

“In 1997 the principle was established that movements of independent citizens – like mine – should run for local elections, and it was found that this represents a deepening of democracy and that new measures are being taken to make the lives of groups of voters easier, but these Action has never been made easier, ”said Rui Moreira, hoping that the government would change the law and make it more accessible to groups of voters.

“In 2013 and 2017 I had to get thousands of signatures, I had to pay VAT – which the parties don’t pay – I had a number of difficulties. The truth is that in 2017 PSD tried to make our candidacy impossible through a call to justice and lost because I obeyed the law and because I obeyed the law they were unsuccessful. Now they have tried to change the electoral law to make things more difficult, ”he rebelled, adding that the changes put other restrictions on the independents. For Moreira, the change in the law only “made things difficult. The law passed by the PS and PSD last year forbids independent movements from using the words “party” and “coalition” and does not allow the movement to apply the same name to the parish and the chamber.

The Mayor of Porto believes that he is making life difficult for him and admits that he founded a political party. “If our candidacy is rejected (…), we can form a political party in Portugal,” he explained, making it clear that he will not lead to re-election due to changes in the electoral law. “What do we do now? I haven’t made a decision yet, ”he said, revealing that there are multiple options to become a new candidate if your application is rejected by the court. “If our candidacy for such a situation is rejected, we in Portugal can form a political party with independent movements. I believe that in Portugal there have always been parties that are bellies to engage interests and this in a way denies the participation of independents and that is not what I want, ”predicted Rio Moreira.

In statements at the TSF forum this Thursday, Rui Moreira defended the postponement of the local elections planned for October, arguing that it was “important” to keep the local authorities in 2021. However, the Mayor of Porto thinks this is necessary in order to already plan how the right to vote will take place in the context of a pandemic and to say that it makes sense to extend the election to two days and allow voters to go to each polling station to travel in the country regardless of the parish they are registered in to “avoid this confusing thing about the early voting on just one day that doesn’t make sense”.

Moreira again admitted to TSF that she had founded a political party in the local elections. But he warned: “If the independent movements have to create a party to replace them, they give in to the temptation of partiality, which is bad,” he denounced.

The President of the Porto Executive, elected by an independent movement with supporters “both left and right”, believes that it does not make sense to associate all candidacies with “an ideological root” when they have one equally legitimate represent “root of a program in the city”.