Give time to time: What happens after the gap year? Podcast ready. Gap. Walk!

Leonor Jacob is currently the Gapper Support Coordinator, the Gap Year Portugal department responsible for advising young people who want to do a gap year. In 2018 Leonor decided to do a year abroad: she worked for 4 months and made a trip through Sri Lanka, India and Mozambique, where not everything went as planned. When she returned to Portugal, the feelings were contradictory and made it difficult to accept this time: what went less well seemed to override the positive experiences. So many expectations that when they got back they seemed broken. But even if it wasn’t what she imagined, today she can see that it would always be worth going there. With the gap of almost 2 years since his gap year, Leonor gained more awareness and realized that he was becoming more confident, calmer and more independent.

In this episode, Leonor talks about the “hangover” after the gap year, the management of expectations and the importance of giving time for time.

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