Faro socialists elect municipal candidates | Faro

The former mayor of Faro Luís Coelho of the PS is the one appointed by the local structure of the party to top the party list of the municipal assembly in the nearest municipalities. Ex-city councilor João Marques is running for the presidency of the executive, which is currently chaired by the social democrat Rogério Bacalhau. The remaining names of the lists, including the local councils, will be presented for discussion and vote at the next meeting of the city’s political commission, to be held on the 23rd in the new premises of the party’s new regional headquarters.

The name João Marques comes as no surprise as he was soon named mayor about a year ago when the council elections, led by Adérito Silva, were held. The election of Luís Coelho – also former president of the municipal assembly – is the novelty of the list that will be put to the vote, with some internal unrest expected.

The PS wants to win back Faro to claim the presidency of the Algarve Intercommunal Community (Amal), as was the case with Macário Correia when the PSD was the majority in the region. In the capital of the Algarve, Rogério Bacalhau was the only elected president to serve two terms at the head of the executive branch and a third opportunity to determine the fate of the community.

The lack of working conditions for PS officials and militants in the party’s facilities in Largo do Pé da Cruz is one of the operational problems that has been overcome. The old building where the Portuguese Legion operated until 1974 (currently owned by the PS) was empty. The goal given to the property has yet to be decided – sale, reclamation or exchange in a future urban operation are open questions.

This week, the Câmara de Faro launched an operation to requalify the entire public space in the square, rehabilitating the area to “zero height”, easing pedestrian circulation and removing some of the car traffic. The aim, according to the municipality, is to bring people closer to the historical areas of the city and to create conditions for better enjoyment of the terraces, restaurants and cafes. The cost of the work is around 400 thousand euros.

The new rented premises for PS-Faro are located at Rua Ataíde de Oliveira No. 79 on the ground floor of 400 square meters. In this room with seven departments and a cellar, the services of the district association, the council bodies and the departments for socialist women and young people will begin to function. The opening of the room took place on December 1st, but is not yet fully functional: communication, telephone and internet are missing.