With love in the air, Júlio Resende opens a music gift shop | Valentine’s day

After Júlio Resende Fado Jazz Ensemble wandered between the intimacy of the piano and the electronics of Cinderella Cyborg and released the album in late 2020 that brings together nine original themes that move through the two musical styles, Júlio Resende returns to new territories.

This time, inspired by Valentine’s Day, he is opening a music gift shop with gifts tailored for the valued customers. They are the ones invited to challenge the musician to create piano versions of his favorite subjects to offer to the respective half-faces.

The gift, original and unique, will be packaged in a video format, with the right to be specially dedicated to those you love. The infinite concept is considered here because, as Resende says, “Love has no barriers and music, the sound that goes beyond any wall with its magic, penetrates every chest like a child jumps on a trampoline and his Throws arrows at those he loves. “

The order and purchase are made through the artist’s social networks (by private message) or by email to julioresende@julioresende.com.

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