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We now know that the European Commission has been fooled by the multinational pharmaceutical companies as well as the pseudo-chic customers who ask the market vendor whether the fish is fresh. As the popular saying warns: “Those who pay in advance are always badly served.”

Now these Brussels bureaucrats – who pride themselves on the virtues of good governance and household crime – have even decided to “feed a donkey (or several) bisque”. They started investing $ 9.5 billion to fund research into antiretroviral drugs and a vaccine in hopes of restoring lost normalcy. They pretended not to know that multinational pharmaceutical companies are confining themselves to pillaging the university’s scientific knowledge and acquiring the patent rights for drugs and vaccines discovered by independent scientific research centers.

Not satisfied, they decided to give in to an unprecedented media blackmail maneuver. Didn’t anyone find it strange that just one day before signing a vaccine purchase and sale agreement with the European Commission, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer decided – certainly by extraordinary coincidence – to reveal that its vaccine had generated 90% antibodies in the people tested ?! ? And that just a week later, Moderna announced that its success rate was still higher, reaching 94.5%?!? Was I still the only one who was amazed that the European Commission – under pressure from the media “bruááá” – rushed to conclude contracts for the supply of vaccines with these two multinational pharmaceutical companies?!?

I ask: does anyone believe that disclosing this data – always with an aura of pseudoscientificism – just days after signing the contract wasn’t part of a macabre strategy by these drug companies to enforce it? the European Union to sign it? … Finally, after the hope (artificially) planted in the heads, what would the European politician be who would have the courage to say that he will ultimately not give in to the demands of these multinational companies?

From contractual clauses that prevent disclosure of the terms of the contracts to the obligation to include disclaimers for harm caused by vaccines until ultimate failure: repeated failure to meet vaccine supply deadlines.

Wasn’t it the multinational pharmaceutical companies claiming to be ready to guarantee vaccination in record time? Of course, with the money already in your bank accounts, it will become more profitable to manufacture vaccines and export them to other places: United States of America, England, India, Israel, Canada, Australia. Meanwhile, the percentages of the vaccinated population in European Union countries are ridiculous. Including in Portugal. The ceremonies were broadcast in real time for viewers to see.

The European ingenuity is incredible. And explosive.

For some reason, European treaties have never given the European Union the power to intervene on public health issues for more than 70 years, except in relation to incentive and complementarity measures (see Article 6 TFEU). Now, in the midst of the greatest health disaster in human history, Member States are judging an experiment: abandoning a structure that does not even have a Directorate-General for Health, and which neither staff nor medical staff conduct the most complex mass vaccination process.

This naivety can only be compared to the fixation of the world’s most important political decision-makers on the “aesthetics of the crisis”. They first stated that it was not even necessary to wear a mask as it “would only give a false sense of security”. Obviously this was not a scientific opinion. But just a strategy to hide the fact that despite reports of an unknown epidemic, no one has bothered to buy personal protective equipment for the National Health Service since December 2019. Result: It had to be ensured that no surgical masks were produced during a race. This deprives health workers of this basic safety tool.

Soon after, the “crisis stylists” began recommending social masks to us. Scientific pseudo-reason: They adequately filter the air and protect others without the need to wear out surgical masks. Effective reason: The suspension of the textile industry required an immediate change in order to stop the impending crisis. Little by little, when the industry had already ensured the mass production of surgical masks, the “crisis stylists” began to recommend surgical masks to us. Pretext? The need for certification (always bureaucracy, even when we are close to death!).

In the last few weeks, the “aesthetic of the crisis” has settled among politicians who are responsible for taking over the duckbill. With no explanation whatsoever – but with the inducing power of fear generated in others – the FFP-2 masks, aimed at filtering out harmful aerosols, appeared. The apology? None. But it is worse than recommended to leave it indicated. The hint is that the new virus variants are so intrusive and aggressive that only FFP-2 will protect us from harm.

I’m not going to say more about this gradual variation of facial clothing (has any of us ever thought of putting these clothes in your wardrobe? …).

It was a good thing we didn’t let the normality of death numb us. And with the normality of the opponents who preach the apocalypse every day. Because after death always comes the vulture predator (economy)

I am just saying that there is a lot of industry to enrich because of the privileged information that comes from the circles of power. With every new masked fashion, the production lines return to the hustle and bustle of the “Modern Times”.

Because the crisis is not for everyone.

If you haven’t already noticed, the earth is round. In addition, as Isaac Newton demonstrated, gravity forces all objects in it to cling to the earth’s crust.

Including money. It’s not going anywhere.

It just changes pockets.

May this be done without scruples in the face of the greatest humanitarian crisis we have experienced in our lives. This is unacceptable.

It was a good thing we didn’t let the normality of death numb us. And with the normality of the opponents who preach the apocalypse every day.

Because after death always comes the vulture predator (economy).

The author writes according to the new orthographic convention

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