DS 4, groundbreaking among the “premiums” | Motors – New

It is a (still) young brand that, like the premium segment, swims in a sea full of sharks. But 2021 promises to be a year full of news, with which DS promises to compete with German references Audi, BMW and Mercedes. First of all a nifty compact that can take a more adventurous stance in the form of Cross.

The revelation took place simultaneously for the whole world at the beginning of the month, satisfying the curiosity of the sector, fed over time by images of silhouettes or shadows. Now the veil has fallen to show a car that above all transmits maturity, which is still hugely relevant in such a recent emblem, albeit with a strong legacy (from Citroën itself, which it cut the umbilical cord from in 2014, and from the model that it got its name from the Citroën DS, which was manufactured between 1955 and 1975).

This in a product that aims to be an ambassador of French savoir-faire (art of well-being, expertise), as brand leaders repeat regularly. “We want to be one step ahead”, announced the managing director Béatrice Foucher right at the beginning of the presentation of her “unique car on the market”, which attests to “technological excellence” and at the same time “boldly” presents design “And that should be sold in the last quarter will.

Design, which is “more than style”, emphasized the person in charge of the area, Thierry Métroz, and underlined the new silhouette, which is characterized by a sculptural shoulder line in contrast to a slightly sloping roof with a finish of graphic lines. It’s the same silhouette that, in the opinion of Marion David, DS Product Director, made “extraordinary proportions” possible; Visible in detail, as Fréderic Soubiron, responsible for the exterior design, explained: “From the very first sketch we noticed that we were using wider wheels (which seem to have been pushed into the corners of the car and make me look longer). we gave the car more volume. “

On the front, the integration of the daylights into the body can be seen, taking a vertical position and framing a grille with diamond-shaped parts (the geometric shape, as already seen, is repeated a little throughout the car) of other models of the brand).

The DS 4 Cross, on the other hand, shows the modern image of an urban SUV with a treatment of the lower part of the bumpers, highlighted by special protection and matt black color as well as special rims and roof bars. As an exclusive option, the DS 4 Cross can be equipped with the Advanced Traction Control system, which guarantees better motor skills with the operating modes sand, snow and mud as well as hill start-descent control.

Inside, DS uses the “less is more” formula to promote an environment that is conducive to a smooth ride. With a “simple and pure” design, the dashboard is designed in a single curve from end to end, in which the fans are practically invisible and a new control on the console enables the management of the infotainment system. The seats the brand emphasizes are designed and designed to include their occupants, and among options they can include ventilation and massage. Curiosity: A third of the components used are recycled, with 95% of the materials being reusable.

In terms of technology, there is nothing less to see, as the brand has not spared any ratings and has, for example, integrated a large head-up display on the front glass, which is “a first step towards an augmented reality”. In other words, through a visual effect, the data is displayed as if it were four meters to follow the driver’s view of the road on a diagonal of 21 inches, including essential information such as speed, driving aids, navigation and alarm messages or the song you’re listening to or the call you’re getting. Another highlighted innovation is the adaptive chassis, which is automatically adapted to the road with the help of a camera analysis on the windshield.

In terms of mechanics, the 225 hp plug-in hybrid is likely to attract the most interest, which will enjoy tax benefits with an autonomy of more than 50 kilometers in electric mode. However, DS is not ready to turn its back on thermal engines: In addition to a diesel proposal with the 130 hp BlueHDi, three reductions in the Puretech petrol engine with 130, 180 and 225 hp are planned.