PS – a debate that says something to the Portuguese opinion

Pedro Nuno Santos is right: the political space of democratic socialism and social democracy must be represented in all presidential elections. However, a mere proclamation is not enough. It is important to introduce candidates who can represent the same political space throughout their life story. In January’s elections, the country did not have a candidate meeting the minimum required by the democratic left space.

The preparation of the crucial Spring Congress should get the socialists to debate the country, the party and the future without focusing on proparoxyton readings on the (non) socialist appearance in the presidential election. Let’s go the way that counts.

With brief interruptions, the Socialist Party has been in power for 25 years. A quarter of a century is a long time and it determines how its leaders see and understand the Portuguese.

In the country, we are witnessing a turning away from reality that deepened with the economic and financial crisis at the beginning of the second decade and worsened with the health, economic and social crisis at the beginning of the third decade.

In the party we see the removal of a large part of the political elite from the reality of the intermediate powers, especially the mayors. The sociable feeling that always existed at PS even in the difficult times of the late 1970s and 1980s is now very damaged.

By the end of the 20th century, the building of central powers in the country and in the party was the result of many powers from other parts of the world. In this century, the powers that matter were passed on to a generation of “Lisbon-centric” individuals. that in most situations they know more European capitals (which is necessary in today’s world) than district capitals (which is regretted for the historical obligation).

Even in the space of certain academies there is a refusal for the inland areas to come because they didn’t share the same elite public school, because they didn’t go to the same private school, because they didn’t have a couple of glasses in Bairro Alto and there they built the glue that made them will save forever. Even postage could not save itself in this process of segregation. Being from outside Lisbon only guarantees access to a subordinate location for this day and even a potential Nobel Prize.

There is a relevant problem for the Socialist Party from above – the PS from below is essential to the continuation and growth of a project. There is not a single politician who can win if he follows bureaucratic, administrative or monarchical succession. We already had that and it was awful

When we look at the Portuguese settlement, the customs and traditions, the doors open or closed to those who have arrived over the centuries, we realize that there is more than one Portugal and that it will only be able to: a to lead, to command, to show tomorrow to all, Portuguese and socialists, who can understand these different countries.

The public administrations are full of like-minded people who have had no life beyond a small and healthy world without confrontations. The political options all go in one direction – to impose a “new man” who ignores the traditional reality of Portugal. “Animalism” attacked the PS and not too late. If we don’t stop her, it will become a niche party.

For the past 25 years, the Socialist Party has authored or compromised the best and worst that was done in Portuguese politics. There were three party leaders who counted indestructibly for progress, but also, albeit involuntarily, for the increase in drafts. Today there is a leader who is prime minister and who is only the only politician in office who has the conditions to face the worst of our democracy and lead us to another reality that moves away from fear and death.

António Costa chose his teams, but many of the chosen ones didn’t understand the reasons for choosing. This prime minister of ours has two unique characteristics: he does not restrict action (1); wants to know the logic of every decision (2). Now half of the government and a significant part of the party structure can no longer meet the profile of those who work with Costa. In the face of the “war” we are experiencing, all weaknesses have been exposed. However, it is not time to change parts and do “winter shopping”.

On the other hand, the PS went from being a party of the strata to a party of the powers of fact. These two parties do not come together, do not understand each other, do not sympathize. But there is one big problem for the Socialist Party at the top – the lower PS is essential for the continuation and growth of a project. There is not a single politician who can win if he follows bureaucratic, administrative or monarchical succession. We already had that and it was awful.

In this scenario the PS will hold its Congress. It will be a different, dispersed meeting, the result of sanitary restrictions. But we live in a time when we have to refuse to comfort, question polls, and wonder who we are. This Congress cannot be the red carpet of power, it cannot be the arrogant passage of some personalities who got on the Mário Soares red train late and who have achieved historic posts.

The big spring meeting should be the space for 40-year-old academics discussing various sovereignties in the 21st century. the time for teachers of the future to discuss their importance to society and share new ways to impart knowledge in a timely manner at the speed of information; the 30 year old financiers discussing sustainability and ethics; the engineers of the new world who question the (imbalance) balance between development and territory; Union members who know well that there are new problems in the relationship between labor and capital; of the entrepreneurs who don’t live in one job from nine to five and want to bet on wealth creation, yes, because the PS has never been the party of those who fall into an endemic dependence on subsidiary companies, always rejected the local envy, that made us late.

This Congress cannot fail to be the Congress of Freedom and Justice. Freedom to want to be judged on merit, to be able to have an opinion; Justice in access to public goods, a decent life in forgotten areas, be it in the neighborhood of the metropolises or in the villages that insist on survival.

This Congress cannot fail to be the congress where we wonder whether it makes sense to continue to be unaccountable and to act as if we were a caste, as if there were no other, better ones for our seats. When it makes sense to live in a particular constitutional schizophrenia that comes from above. When it makes sense when we question our wrong actions and behaviors, we answer that it is a populist argument.

The next PSC Congress will be fortunate enough to gather around a leader who understands everything we are saying, but who has the limitations shown in the inbreeding of the government and the party. António Costa needs free people, people who may have different opinions, but people who are not limited to a bad routine of being rather than exalting what is doing.

The Spring Congress can only be the congress where the mayors assert themselves. Not in terms of sending out a manifesto for the local elections in September in three days, but in terms of its political significance and institutional reality. And from this point of view, attention cannot be lost on the progressive “caudilhização” of local power that we have to face. And it has to be the congress where we have to reflect on the reasons why we are a party into which the majority of the younger generation no longer fit and which cannot give up the “analogue” of the message.

The task is Hercules, but we have already faced enormous challenges and have mastered them. And we cannot lose the feeling of who we are – the central party of the political system, the party of social sovereignty, the party of equal opportunities supported by the state but not parents.

The author writes according to the new orthographic convention