Police arrested after killing a young man and seriously injuring another in Cafunfo, Angola

The soldiers who allegedly shot a young man and seriously injured another in the Bala Bala neighborhood of Cafunfo in the Angolan province of Lunda Norte on Monday were arrested, the provincial delegation of the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

The alleged perpetrator of the murder crime was said to be in the company of a colleague on a private mission in uniform on the public street when two young men riding motorcycles were questioned.

“For no apparent reason they made AKM-type firearms,” ​​killed Garcia João Zeca (25) and seriously injured Lino António Fernandes (27).

“After the dismissal, the criminal police arrested the suspected criminals and referred them to the prosecution for further procedural steps aimed at making them criminally responsible,” the statement added.

The provincial delegation of the Ministry of the Interior also condemned the “barbaric act” and appealed “to similar agencies so that those involved are severely punished according to the legal provisions” to express their condolences to the family.

João Zito Zecamutchima, father of the young man, whose body has not yet been handed over to the family, said in an interview with Lusa that he received the information late Monday afternoon.

“The son left home to buy onions for dinner. They shot themselves in the house, fled and shot the other boy, ”he said, adding nothing to know about the circumstances and the reasons that led to the murder, only that the police guaranteed those responsible would be punished.

The mining town of Cafunfo was the site of incidents between police and the population on January 30, which resulted in an unspecified number of deaths and injuries and has been under a strong security force ever since.

On that day, according to the official version of the Angolan police, around 300 people who are connected to the Portuguese protectorate movement Lunda Tchokwe (MPPLT), which has been defending the autonomy of this region for years, tried to break into a police station and the orderly forces to get around defend. If so, caused six deaths

The police version contradict MPPLT leaders, opposition parties, the Catholic Church and local civil society, who speak of at least 25 dead and claim that it was an attempt at a demonstration previously reported to the authorities and that the demonstrators were unarmed.