Letters to the director’s opinion

Rui Tavares

I have always read your columnist Rui Tavares’ chronicles on European issues with great interest. But I admit that I was very surprised by the one you published on May 2nd with the title “Portugal Pôncio Pilatos”. From the news that the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union (PPUE) plans to hold hearings on the rule of At an earlier stage in his exercise of the right in Hungary and Poland so that they can be personal, Prof. Rui Tavares concludes, that the PPUE will no longer continue this process and accuses Portugal of acting like Pilate, but this withdrawal is total It is one of the EUPM’s programmatic commitments to advance the Article 7 processes and we will do everything we can to help them fulfill.

Augusto Santos Silva, Minister for State and Foreign Affairs

German help

Several insiders have felt uncomfortable, even ashamed of the little help that Germany provided our NHS with a medical team specializing in intensive care. I do not have this opinion: Portugal has always been a country that has suffered in various disaster scenarios such as earthquakes p. e.g. with military or civil teams, in addition to shipping equipment, tents and food. Portugal is helping on the Greek islands with the issue of migrants with GNR, which incidentally did an excellent job. Portugal has military personnel who are deployed in various scenarios of war or conflict in peace missions and beyond, as seen in Mali, Afghanistan and various locations in Africa. It seems natural and even in some way an obligation for someone to come to us to help when we are in a disaster situation.

Shame and discomfort were “proud alone” like in the days of dictator Salazar when we did not help and, for obvious reasons, were not helped for those over sixty with some memory today. For my part, the Germans and everyone else who could help us are welcome.

Carlos Duarte, Lisbon

The exemplary case of the Beatriz Ângelo hospital

In contrast to the improper vaccination of nursing home administrators or IPSS officials, I was surprised that the case of Beatriz Ângelo (“all vaccinated persons”) reported in the PUBLIC on Saturday did not provoke parallel outrage in the media or in their commentators, nor did an investigation be initiated by the public ministry.

Read the news carefully, after all, the explanation was there! On the one hand, this is the “authentic” interpretation of the priority: The also vaccinated manager of the Luz Saúde Group – Isabel Vaz – defines that “all people in a hospital are critical” (which of course applies to nursing homes). On the other hand, this results from the exceptional efficiency in extracting doses from the vials (certainly much higher than that practiced by the other institutions), which justifies the enormous amount of vaccines remaining. There is no doubt: good people are different.

José António Sarsfield Cabral, Matosinhos

The leftovers, right?

I find it particularly ironic that some “deviations” have been made in vaccination priorities to “take advantage of the leftovers” … It reminds me of a story told by a “clever” contractor who was used to the suggestion, to share the “expected remains” of their works with “suitable third parties”. You see the real name, right?

If the actual number of cans available for each set of open bottles varies, then isn’t it possible to conjure up a little too much, called air travel overbooking? In the case of a confirmed flight, while waiting for the next one can be a major inconvenience, getting vaccinated one day or the next shouldn’t be so dramatic. Planning problem, right?

Obviously, the underlying problem is not the technical problem of “leftover management” and poor planning, but that it is used as an excuse and justification for a shameful cause. There’s no need to add anymore, is there?

Carlos JF Sampaio, Esposende

Appreciation for the ideals of Pacheco Pereira

I just read another article by Pacheco Pereira. I thank you for the depth of thought, the rigor of analysis and the nobility of ideas in defense of a just, free and solidary society. It is of the utmost importance nowadays. The PUBLIC and we would be much poorer if their texts weren’t published anymore. I don’t even want to think about it.

José Batista d’Ascenção, Braga

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