Easy Future was born to support students like yourself during childbirth and university education

Between March and May 2020, students who had finished secondary school lost support for access to higher education: personal lectures or university fairs touring the country to conquer future freshmen. Tiago Oliveira, a 12th year student at the time, was concerned about the uncertainties about entering higher education and realized that he wasn’t the only one. In April he joined some friends and founded Easy Future.

The online platform is mainly used to provide information and to facilitate access to the university. In addition, Easy Future has chat groups on WhatsApp to answer questions from elementary school students moving to secondary school or to connect students from different courses and regions during delivery.

“Several people met in college and found they met in our WhatsApp groups, which gave us the strength to keep working,” says Tiago, the creator of the project.

Born in Barcelos, Tiago is attending the first year of his studies in physics at the University of Porto (all to understand the formulas and theories of quantum mechanics). “I didn’t start the project with great expectations, but only reached students from the Barcelos region,” he admits. “But the success was enormous.”

So he started looking for possible partnerships and thinking about how to expand the reach of online sites and reach more students across the country. For example, the company has partnered with Help2Learn to provide students with a range of abstracts and notes. “We also tried to make access to student accommodation easier, so we partnered with UniPlaces or Inlife Portugal.”

The Easy Future team currently consists of 13 young students who volunteer their time to the project, explains Tiago Oliveira: “We want to foster a spirit of mutual help in which older students help the younger ones with their journey and vice versa. “