Covid-19: Azores Regional Director for Social Inclusion resigns after vaccination | Coronavirus

The Azores Regional Director for Promoting Equality and Social Inclusion, Lucília Fagundes, resigned this Tuesday after it became known that she had been vaccinated against Covid-19.

“I understand that I cannot hold public office until this situation is properly resolved. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t be loyal to the principles I believe in and have always defended. However, I have a clear conscience because I know that in due course the whole truth will be restored, ”said a letter to Vice President of the regional government, Artur Lima.

The governor has already announced in a press release that “the resignation has been accepted”. The Vice-President thanked Lucília Fagundes for “all the work and commitment” “for the benefit of the public service”.

“He is a principled person, an avid social advocate, and an impeccable professional and civic curriculum. The integrity of Dr. Lucília Fagundes shows how selflessly she was in the service of the region, ”said Artur Lima.

Lucília Fagundes was appointed Regional Director for Promoting Equality and Social Inclusion on February 1st. About a month earlier, on December 31, 2020, she was vaccinated against Covid-19 at Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Angra do Heroísmo (SCMAH), where she worked as a deputy provider.

After TVI published the informed consent form signed by the vice-vendor, Lucília Fagundes decided to suspend the functions “pending the investigation into the facts” and announced a lawsuit.

“Given the gravity of the charges, I will hand the case over to my lawyer to determine who is responsible in the judiciary,” he said at a press conference this Saturday.

The now ex-regional director said she was informed on Dec. 31 that “two doses of the vaccine” were left because “two of the staff gave up the vaccination” and that those doses “would be useless if they weren’t the space would be administered for 15 minutes ”.

“As the person responsible for the human resources of the institution, a position that I take on a voluntary basis, and consequently the monthly fee, which maintains regular direct contact with employees, users and their families, and because also the administrative staff of the institution, who have exactly the same contact that I have with users and staff have been vaccinated according to the guidelines of the Terceira Island Health Unit. I agreed, taking into account the particular context of the facility to be vaccinated, ”revealed in the same press conference.

In the letter addressed to the Vice-President of the regional government, Lucília Fagundes emphasized that he had always conducted his behavior in the regional public administration “according to rigor and transparency” for over 30 years.

“I have always served my community with a sense of responsibility and a civic spirit. Whether privately or in public office, I have never failed to act on my principles, which are guided by righteousness and integrity, ”he said.

The former Regional Director also thanked the Vice-President of the Regional Government for “the institutional and personal support shown”. “Thank you for always believing in my honor and integrity and for defending me publicly, with all the losses that can result from that public defense,” he said.

The Azores Regional Secretary for Health announced Monday that he has “established an inspection under the responsibility of the Regional Health Inspectorate to establish the facts related to vaccines and possible responsibilities for allegedly improper administrations”.

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