Caffeine, Chicken Breast, or “Whey”? “Our body always prefers nutritional supplements” | Vitamin P Podcast

When the goal is to build muscle, it is common to hear that whey protein – called whey protein – is a basic sports supplement. But is it the only one? Isn’t protein in food enough? And what changes in custody?

On this episode of Vitamina P, we spoke to Gonçalo Westwood, a personal trainer who received physical education, physical fitness and health training from the Rio Maior Sports School, about the many supplements used by exercisers. Including caffeine.

“Caffeine just because it gives us a boost of energy is a good addition for us, for example before training,” explains the specialist. But generally, “our bodies always prefer food to supplements,” Westwood notes.

Along with good physical activity habits that should be part of the routine for adults and children. The professional explains that in tight quarters it may be necessary to change the way you exercise – especially in trained athletes and people who go to the gym frequently – but that it is possible to maintain muscle mass without supplements .

And it leaves a recommendation to the listeners. “I know quarantine is not an appropriate time to exercise as most people become demoralized and used to the gym routine of being with other people and not having anything at home, but remember, this is one Is time that will pass, ”he said, recalling. “Stay active not just for your physical health, but above all for your health.”

There are several services that are available online to help. In this episode of Vitamina P, we also spoke to Pedro Pereira, who is responsible for the OffLimits Crossfit box, organizes online courses for the little ones and summarizes the goals. Six-year-old Sofia is one of the students who received the “leaps and bounds” of the classes that she is now attending with her father at home. We will hear from you again in an upcoming episode of Vitamina P devoted to distance learning.

In this episode, there is still time to talk about a study recently published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology that found that physical activity was not enough to combat the risk of obesity. In other words, that “fat and fit” is a myth when it comes to heart health. Is it that easy? In Vitamina P we review the methodology and the main conclusions of the investigation.

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