With R (t) below one, Portugal no longer has a higher average number of new cases – but continues to have more coronavirus deaths

Portugal is no longer the country with the most new infections due to the new coronavirus per million people in the last seven days. This is shown by figures from the statistical website Our World in Data. Even so, and the transmission rate (Rt) of the infection has remained below one, the country continues to top the table of deaths per day.

On that Monday, Portugal was the seventh country in the world of any size. More new cases were confirmed per day per million population (344), surpassed by Israel (753), the Czech Republic (454), Peru (414) and Albania (390)), Brazil (364) and Bahrain (362). Last Monday, Portugal had an average of 1,142 new daily cases per million over the past seven days.

The death toll remains high

Since January 27, the virus reproduction rate has dropped to below one. In this sense, with the number of infections falling markedly from day to day, Portugal has also lowered some values ​​in the table of new cases per million inhabitants.

In terms of the daily average of deaths per million people, Portugal continues to top the list with 20 new daily deaths per million. Listed below are Slovakia (11.4), Peru (11.4), the Czech Republic (9.9), Lebanon (7.9) and Brazil (7.1).

Last week, Portugal had an average of 29.7 deaths per million people every day, according to Our World in Data, which uses data from the Johns Hopkins University in America.

After subtracting the number of small areas such as San Marino, Luxembourg, Andorra and Montenegro with less than a million inhabitants, Portugal is now the sixth country in the world in the total number of cases per million people (75,064) than the Czech Republic (96,645).

In terms of the global number of deaths per million people, Portugal is the eighth country on the list with 1,388 deaths. Belgium leads this indicator with 1845 deaths per million inhabitants.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused at least 2,316,812 deaths worldwide, attributable to more than 106 million cases of infection. This emerges from a balance sheet by the French agency AFP.

In Portugal, 14,354 people died from 767,919 confirmed cases of infection, according to the latest bulletin from the Directorate-General for Health.