Study by the University of Coimbra launches Serra da Lousã as a protected area | Forest

Luiz Alves, a researcher at the Faculty of Letters at the University of Coimbra (FLUC), told the Lusa Agency that this was “a proposal to create the Serra da Lousã Regional Protected Landscape,” which the neighboring communities are responsible for streamlining the process.

The book Protected Areas and Territory Management. The Serra da Lousã case, made available by the University of Coimbra Press in digital and open access format, is the result of the work of Luiz Alves and Paulo Carvalho (also researchers at FLUC), both residents of Lousã.

Luiz Alves emphasized the importance of the natural, cultural and landscape components, “three values ​​that justify”, according to the work, the recognition of Serra da Lousã as a regional protection landscape.

“This is an academic proposal, an articulated work between the University and Dueceira [Associação de Desenvolvimento do Ceira e Dueça]. It is now up to the local and regional authorities with the Institute for Nature and Forest Conservation to drive the classification process forward, ”he added.

“However, other suggestions might appear” for the same goal, he said, questioned by Lusa.

“We are talking about a logic of cooperation, not of overlap, that goes beyond tourism and also includes ecosystems and culture”, which focuses on the preservation of natural values ​​and makes it possible “to see the Serra da Lousã as a whole”. .

The publication was designed to “support a proposal to classify Serra da Lousã as a protected area that promotes a new model of order and management at the supra-municipal level,” said Luiz Alves, who is doing a PhD in Geography.

The co-author emphasized the need “not only to ensure adequate protection for a significant universe of assets, but also to open up new perspectives for their effective valuation through a supra-municipal management model”.

The study was carried out “within the framework of the provision of specialized services” from the University of Coimbra through the Institute of Geography and Tourism of the FLUC to Dueceira with the support of the program for the economic improvement of endogenous resources of iNature – Sustainable Tourism in Classified Areas.

Dueceira, based in Lousã, founded in 1994 and currently managed by Mayor Luís Antunes, unites this municipality and the neighboring municipalities of Miranda do Corvo, Penela and Vila Nova de Poiares in the Coimbra district.

Associated with Serra da Lousã are, among others, the Serra da Lousã development agency, founded in 2015 and based in Castanheira de Pera, which, however, does not yet have any visible public work, and the Aldeias do Lousã tourist development agency. Shale (Adxtur). , installed in Fundão.

Of the 27 places that make up the Aldeias do Xisto tourist network, 12 are located in the Serra da Lousã, distributed by the municipalities of Góis, Lousã, Miranda do Corvo and Penela.

The work of protected areas and area management. The Serra da Lousã case is aimed at, among others, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, technicians and specialists in protected areas, planners and managers of areas, brands and tourism products.