Belenenses SAD and V. Guimarães are equal at night with a Colombian twist on National Football

On a miserable place under crossfire, those responsible for the zero against the candidates FC Porto and Benfica in the preliminary round of the league could not have fewer points in common, as Belenenses SAD tried to get rid of the label of the less successful team of the league precisely against the second less successful Defense by V. Guimarães. The game ended in a draw (1-1).

Even without André André, V. Guimarães was determined to avenge the defeat in the first round and reinforce the positive cycle. He prevailed over an opponent who was pressured by the results, but was ready to wait for the right moment to cause damage. And that was realized with Miguel Cardoso’s shot in the crossbar (16 ‘).

The Minho controlled and the people of Lisbon created danger, with Varela threatening after a mistake by Moomin. The “Blues” even reached Cassierra’s goal (30 ‘) in a fatal inattention by the Victorians, which allowed Rúben Lima to step on the left flank and demand a quick free kick from Varela in midfield.

The third time, Petit’s team improved, but the advantage would not last long as V. Guimarães reacted, who also needed three goals. Kritciuk offered Pepelu (33 ‘) the first and saved the second with a shot from Quaresma (35’) … he couldn’t do anything with Estupiñán’s lift, even with a free kick (from Lent) – the Colombian’s goal needed that Sieve VAR, after improper cancellation.

The game was alive and the second part fueled the blaze, again with the team from the most dangerous “home” and with Miguel Cardoso confirming his pull to the iron with the post undoing a goal (52 ‘) a minute after Varela had threatened with his head.

Estupiñán made the change in an offer to examine the defensive position that lacked dominance and definition against Kritciuk. The game entered the maximum risk phase where a goal could be worth the win, with the banks playing their respective trump cards.

Rochinha and Edwards came on stage to explore Vitória’s greatest offensive penchant, which Petit responded to with Afonso Sousa’s unpredictability, assists like the one that Cafu Phete wasted (85 ‘) and quick transitions like the one he could have given the win (87 ‘)), which would eventually be contested by Varela.