At the age of 106, a French pianist suggests music to people as “food for the spirit”

He started playing the piano at the age of 4, the same year he died, as he told Le Nouvel Observateur three years ago which was the great love of his life: Claude Debussy. But he always remembers finding solace in music that is lacking in his rigorous training. Today, at the age of 106, Colette Maze’s interpretation still exudes great tenderness. As she sits at the piano and is one of the four occupying her Paris apartment, her nimble fingers hardly seem to touch the keys as they rock us to the sound of Schumann. Debussy and Chopin.

“It’s my food, my food for the mind and heart,” Colette Maze, a short and lively woman, tells Reuters.

The French pianist Colette Maze is 106 years old. She began to play the piano at the age of four and still exudes great tenderness when she plays. Maze credits finger gymnastics and yoga for being nimble.

– Reuters (@Reuters), February 6, 2021

Colette Maze was born into a middle-class family in 1914 and remembers the rigorous training her strict mother undertook while her father ran a fertilizer factory. He then continued his studies at the École Normale de Musique de Paris, a conservatory in the 16th district, where he learned the art of the piano from Alfred Cortot and Nadia Boulanger before embarking on a long career as an accompanist at the music schools of the United States .

The range of motion he maintains is due to yoga and gymnastics, which are specific to the fingers that he practices on a daily basis. When you stop playing, you have to get your imagination fired in some way. “But I need something tangible. There are those who have to try sweets; My fingers need to feel the keys [do piano]to feel that, ”he says as his feet hit the pedals and start playing again.

In addition, he told L’Obs in 2018, he attributes his exceptional longevity to consuming three fresh eggs daily, to which he adds a glass of Graves wine, some brie, and chocolate.

Colette Maze has just recorded her sixth album, a three volume recording of works by Debussy, due out in April after recording works by Debussy and Erik Satie last year.

Her only son, filmmaker Fabrice Maze, born in 1949, describes the pianist as an inspiration, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. “On the one hand it helps in the moral part, [mostrando] that someone can be in good shape at the age of 106 if they are passionate and take care of themselves – that’s good news, ”emphasizes the scriptwriter. “Then his sense of humor, his joy, his love of life make us smile.”