Neither jazz nor folk, PS Lucas | music

We entered the pane between the sword and the wall. Between the reverberant fingering of the guitar, the delicate turbulence and the ripple of the rhythm lies a comfortable bed in which the voice can move back and forth between the verses: “Between your face and the sky / From sigh to sigh / While we are to Come on for a breath / And tell another lie, ”sings Pedro Lucas or better PS Lucas. So the solo debut of the musician, which we discovered while exchanging the rounds with electronic machines, signs when collecting the Azores songbook (it was 2010, Experimentar Na M’Incomoda was released) and then with Carlos Medeiros, to this premise in the great Medeiros / to take over. Lucas (Open Sea, Terra do Corpo, Sol de Março, indispensable trilogy started in 2015). Now Pedro Lucas changes the language (from Portuguese to English) and the coordinates: between autumn light and a gentle breeze, between the Mediterranean and the South Atlantic, between jazz and folk, neither one nor the other, anything in between, with Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake and Georges In Between introduces itself to Brassens as discreet guiding lights. It’s worth meeting him.

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