Motion of confidence to the CDS board with 54.4% of the CDS-PP votes

The vote of confidence in Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos was passed this morning with 144 votes (54.4%), 113 votes (42.6%) against and eight (3%) abstentions in a universe of 265 voters in a National Council that had more than 15 Lasted hours. With this initiative, the CDS leader tried to legitimize his leadership after several layoffs in his team and the challenge of an extraordinary early congress, which was launched by Adolfo Mesquita Nunes.

Before the vote, the party’s spokeswoman, Cecília Anacoreta Correia, asked national councils for a “reinforced mandate” and attacked Adolfo Mesquita Nunes directly when she said that “whoever carried out a political line and lost 13 MPs is no savior of the country “. .

In the last few hours, several votes joined the request for early Congress, including those of former Parliamentary Speaker Nuno Magalhães and Hélder Amaral, both supporters of Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, as well as João Almeida himself, who had utter disagreements with the current one-party leadership. Nuno Magalhães believed that the current leader has “formal legitimacy” but needs “political legitimacy” and that this is only allowed with clarification in Congress.

Former MP Hélder Amaral admitted that “there is a lot that separates him from Adolfo Mesquita Nunes” but thought it was “unwise” not to use this availability to “listen to what Adolfo Mesquita Nunes brings back” .

On the side of the national political commission, Pedro Pestana Bastos, who is a member of this body and supports Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, also joined those defending the extraordinary congress. Although the Christian Democrat was not “sensitive to polls”, he said he had taken into account what was closest and most widely said to him and cited the resignation of part of the leadership as an argument in favor of holding the party’s main meeting.

With a completely opposite position, Fernando de Almeida, vice president of Aveiro district, made a tough intervention and accused Adolfo Mesquita Nunes’ supporters of “turning around the party” and finding themselves “owners” of the CDS.

After Congresswoman Cecília Meireles said that “the party is in danger”, Fernando de Almeida again suggested that the MP resign her position so that the CDS leader can step in: “If the party is in danger, give Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos Square ”.

Vice-Presidents Sílvio Cervan and Paulo Duarte defended the leadership, arguing that, taking into account the preparation of the communities, this is not the time for a congress. At dawn, Francisco Laplaine Guimarães, also Vice President, made an appeal: “I think that this board has a lot to give, it is preparing the local elections and is determined to raise the CDS. We are in the middle of the mandate, let’s work and help the party. “

The community coordinator himself, Fernando Barbosa, believed that calling for “roll heads” and holding an extraordinary early congress represented “irresponsibility” in a year of local elections. The chairman, who heads the Porto district, stressed the work in preparing the candidacies, adding that the trips in this area are made “out of the pocket”. The request for an early congress brought “instability in the organization of the lists,” he said, admitting a large meeting shortly after the local elections.

The CDS General Secretary Francisco Tavares referred to the financial situation of the previous management and listed the liabilities of 1.2 million euros, debts and execution threats. The Führer said he had “developed” a party.

The chairman of the CDS also received the support of the representative of the Tendência Esperança em Movimento, the internal chain of the CDS, Mário Cunha Reis, who announced the vote in favor of the motion of confidence.

In a gesture of reconciliation tonight, Adolfo Mesquita said he had “confidence” in the President of the National Council and stressed the importance of leaving a “message of unity” for both of them at the meeting. “I am available for any debate about what I did in the party, but now it is important to be together to find a solution to the survival crisis we are in,” he said after speaking today Tomorrow had been thinking about Filipe Anacoreta Correia made a decision “illegal” and cowardly “.