With a view to the municipalities, the PSD wants data for voting on infected and imprisoned people

The PSD would like to know how many voters actually voted in the presidential election from among those who registered under the new special regime that allowed restricted or Covid-19 patients to vote. The Social Democrats’ question was put to the Minister of Internal Affairs this Friday, to whom the PSD asked if the law should be improved to increase the number of voters in the October parishes.

The questions are contained in a motion that the PSD parliamentary group addressed to the Assembly of the Republic. “The PSD is looking into the possible correction of some details of the law passed at the end of the year so that the maximum number of voters can exercise their right to vote in the event of foreclosure or Covid. 19 in a day close to the local electoral law of 2021 ”, explain the Social Democrats on the question to the ministry headed by Eduardo Cabrita.

It’s about the fact that, for the first time, an innovative regime has been put in place to ensure that people affected by covid 19 will vote in the presidential elections on January 24th. “For logistical reasons and the need to quarantine the ballot papers, the regime does not allow registration to be ensured until the early voting day. In other mobile voting systems – in the case of prisoners interned in a hospital – the electoral law registration deadline comes before the end date for those who are in custody or in quarantine, it is best to get in as many voters as possible to include this extraordinary regime. “

However, the PSD acknowledges that improvements may be needed and encourages the Department of Internal Administration (MAI) – which has this responsibility – to make this assessment and provide this data. The PSD’s first question is: “Taking into account the experience of the presidential elections, what improvements the MAI considered necessary to introduce the regime established by Organic Law No. 3/2020 of November 11th to ensure that the maximum number of voters affected by the pandemic can exercise their right to vote in the next local elections. ”

The Socialists also ask how many voters had to remain in detention or who “suffered from Covid-19 disease after the end of the specified registration date” and what the official number of registered voters is under Law No. 3/2020 of November 11th and how many actually exercised their voting rights, whereby a distinction is made between voters based in ERPI [lares] and other”.

In the question sent to MAI, the PSD mentions that under this regime, and taking into account the numbers released to the public, “approximately 13,000 voters had the opportunity to register for an early vote, benefiting from the relocation of the local electoral authority at home to voters”.