Letters to the director’s opinion

Distance learning

The issue is currently a lesser evil for some and an assertive level for others. And if this is a reasonable way to avoid the spread of covid-19, it cannot be said about learning and the programmatic content to be taught. At this stage it is therefore unpredictable to pass on new knowledge to the students instead of privileging the consolidation of knowledge, which above all shows that we could not learn from the past. Because during the entire educational process, we endanger their academic success and their future if we neglect the strengths and weaknesses of the students. It is good that we are aware of this as there is time during the class to strengthen the curriculum areas and fill in the various gaps. So let us know how to face the reality of the present without rushing so that everyone wins.

Manuel Vargas, Aljustrel

Santana Castilho

I raise my voice once more to congratulate “countercurrent” journalism: Professor Santana Castilho’s article deserves to be read very carefully. Finally someone who defends the interests and rights of children and young people with rigor and clarity! will have serious problems with changed behavior, especially in the youngest children who are already medium term. Doomed to stay at home with a television or laptop for most of the day … Studies have been published showing the disastrous consequences of this type of “activity”.

I fully agree with the professor pointing out the government’s inability to come up with creative and non-generalized solutions. Parents and children suffer in silence.

Margit Kegel, Lagos

It was good to start well …

The new vaccination plan coordinator is being selected and has not started on the right foot in my opinion. When a single case of inappropriate vaccination was undoubtedly wrong and objectionable, the launderer of such a crime added, using the … statistic: “One in a million? One in a thousand? One in a hundred? One in 10? One to one? “… but it was (only) one in a thousand, gentlemen! And I was stunned by the tacit acceptance of the unacceptable.

The new coordinator was the second in the hierarchy of the task force of a first responsible, who with his honor resigned his office and brought us, if only briefly, a touch of hope in ethics that keeps coming to our minds Not every day use, but you run the risk of never getting to the top of our collective trust as you debuted in the available position to devalue with the “remaining and eventually accepted” statistic of one inappropriate act per thousand within the law … sir (newer ) Coordinator of the vaccination plan, wasn’t it good that it started well?

Conceição Mendes, Vila Nova de Gaia: address, rating of the attraction