If we are organisms there is no democracy review

“Knowing what we are hearing is not enough: Spotify wants to know how we talk, where we are and with whom”. Last Friday, PÚBLICO announced the announcement of a new technology for the Swedish music streaming platform. With the exception of outraged comments from two or three readers, the effort was minimal. Well, that title could integrate the age of surveillance capitalism of former Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff, who studied social psychology and philosophy. In this more than 600-page paper, the tireless American academic student of the social implications of new technologies confronts us with a reality that has become ubiquitous, if not ubiquitous: we are connected in the corner of the big technology companies in Silicon Valley. “Packaged” has a double meaning: It is not our body or mind that is made into a product, but our behavior or, in a less psychological perspective, the human experience.