The magazine “Cais” leaves the street, but calls for donations: “The vest is hung, but life is not” | Coronavirus

The rule is to stay home and as a result, Cais sellers have not been able to sell the magazine since January – this is the second time this has happened in less than a year. “The vest is hung up, but life is not,” as one of the slogans of the association’s latest campaign to support people in situations of homelessness and social exclusion says. Looking at the lives of all sellers and the commitments made to them, Cais decided to make the January edition available online (which started on paper) and to solicit donations.

In April 2020, they had to stop selling the magazine on the street. Reality that lasted until May. The year 2021 began with a déjà vu: Cais stopped selling on city streets for the second time in 27 years (and apparently until March), which means that the vast majority of his salespeople no longer have any income from this activity and therefore without the economic ability Buying groceries, paying rent for the house or room, or even having access to medicines. The magazine costs two euros and the seller accounts for 70% of the value.

“There is growing concern about the time they will be at home without sales and at the same time about the Covid-19 itself,” explains Pê the manager of the Cais association, Inês Braizinha. “You understand the situation, but of course you are concerned. It is a guarantee they are missing out on. You are in a very fragile situation, ”he adds. Even so, the association guarantees that its sellers will continue to be monitored personally and regularly, either in person if it is a question of maintaining income, or by telephone.

Cais Magazine

A PDF of the January edition was made available. The association asks everyone who downloads the magazine to make a donation by bank transfer, ATM transfer or via Facebook and Instagram donations of at least two euros. So far, Cais has registered 1200 visits to the website (either to access the magazine or to find out how to donate).

Whoever does this contributes to the purpose of the organization: supporting active job search, providing frequency of training and satisfying the basic living conditions of its users, which enables successful examples such as Luís Santos (25 years old) who has already carried out training and internship and tells his story in the magazine.

Because, as the President of the European Council, David Sassoli, points out in an interview in the same issue, the pandemic is “putting humanity to the test” and revealing “various truths” – “it has revealed our fragility, the meaning we have for others, the importance of public health, the importance of working together for the common good ”.

Text edited by Amanda Ribeiro