From being confined to the front, from fiction to documentary: covid-19 is on HBO | arrived streaming

Covid-19 has violently disrupted the film and television industries, dramatically increasing production costs, or postponing the completion of projects, but there are screenwriters and filmmakers who have missed the opportunity to respond right to the moment after they put the pandemic into their stories have recorded. In the USA, “doctor series” such as Grey’s Anatomy or The Good Doctor brought the new coronavirus into their fictitious hospitals. Titans like South Park or Parks and Recreation created “pandemic specials” by putting masks on the faces of their protagonists or reducing them to Zoom’s narrow spaces. In April, RTP1 premiered O Mundo Não Acaba Assim, which the broadcaster presented as “the first television series in Portugal to be produced at home”. later, Ai Weiwei made the documentary Coronation with pictures taken during Wuhan’s long quarantine; More recently, at the end of January, the short film Contágio, a collection of homemade recordings by 15 directors incarcerated in Portugal, arrived in Filmin.